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About TJ

TJ here. 
Taylor Jane was created around four years ago. But the old Taylor Jane painted a different picture to what I want over here. 

You'll find hell load of lifestyle along with a pinch of everything else.
So if you're looking for a lifestyle blog that you can relate to and also find some inspiration, then you've headed to the right place. Add it to your reading list, as they'll be weekly posts to catch up on. 

I'm a 25 year old from sunny Southampton, and I've got a obsession with fashion accessories. From headbands to handbags - I need them all. Every single one ever to be made. I also have an obsession with self care so you'll see a lot of tips and things from me. 

Be prepared to see some raw and real posts as well as photos, and even a little fitness. Lol. Yes I want to get fit and feel happy in life.

So that's all from me, head back to my home page for a good read.


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