So what do ya wanna know from me here?

I am Taylor Jane, the one who runs this blog of mine. I’m a 24 year old women (a teenager at heart) ~ whose from down South. I have a passion for make up and all things skin care. I’m all here for having good skin throughout my years of life. You’ll probably find me walking round in circles of the beauty counters ¬†or even down the Wine isle in Tesco’s but I’m only human saying that. For when I’m not blogging, I am working or going out on day/night dates with the Mister. I’m a tea drinker, wish I could say coffee but when I come to you Costa & Starbucks it’s all about the hot chocs. You’ll also find some Lifestyle posts over on TaylorJane, I like to add in a little to my world too – so you can get to know the real me.


I’m not that bad. Want to know me more? Come follow me on my social media’s..





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