August 23, 2020

What I’ve Learnt After 1 Year Living With Lee

Hi gang! How are we all today? It’s been just over a year since we moved into our first ever home and I shared with you guys my post ‘ HEY MTV WELCOME TO MY CRIB ‘ cringe post.

Wow. What a year it has been. I’ve learned so much about myself and I’ve also learned so much about Lee and I as a couple. We’re doing pretty well if I say so myself. We’re pretty good at being adults and doing our ‘chores’ as our parents would like to call it growing up.

So let’s get sharing about what I’ve learned since starting our chapter together, as a team.

01. Lee is pretty good at cleaning – more than myself at times, may as well put that out there straight away. He hoovers, mops, cleans the side, makes the bed, put the clothes away, even after a day of shooting.

02. Ironing is literally the worst chore ever, even more so when there’s bedding included. REMEMBER TO NOT ALLOW THE IRONING PILE TO OVERLOAD. I say this pretty much every month.

03. Question : Do you iron your bedding? We do. It’s the worst type of housework, more like a workout. Although ironing it whilst on the bed is a better solution to my problems.

04. Making your bed first thing in the morning is always a good idea. It means you can’t get back into it.

05. When a man showers, shaves, gets his hair cut – you will find hair for days afterwards. You’ll find it whilst sitting on the loo, on the mirror, cleaning your teeth. Their hair grows so fast but they malt like a Pomeranian.

06. Yes, we still do clean our teeth at the same time every single evening. Every. Night.

07. Toiletries are always on the shopping list. If it’s not shower gel, it’s shaver heads and shit me they break the bank.

08. Alcohol too. It always makes the cut.

09. Friends/gatherings/parties don’t happen as much as you think.

10. There is no such of an excuse as ‘we can’t, incase someone walks in’.

11. You still won’t believe you own a home after the 100th time you’ve said it to each other.

12. Men soon remember to put the toilet seat down.

13. Mornings always start with the football channel, but Good Morning Britain is more like it.

14. Lee’s not a bad cook, but I’m better. He makes banging fajitas.

15. Lazy days are 10 out of 10 on the sofa and binge watching Netflix.

16. Netflix and chill is literally Netflix and chill, and maybe falling asleep on the sofa.

17. I appreciate and love him more than ever.

It’s funny what things you still do and what new things you learn about one another. We thought things would be no surprise and no different before, as we were together pretty much all the time, but it’s still so different. So so happy with us and our little home, still can’t believe I’m currently writing this sat on our sofa, in our living room, in our home. Even though I thoroughly miss my family home, we’re on the right chapter of creating our own.

Lots of Love.

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