June 1, 2020


June? Like what the hell. What happened to April? Considering lockdown happened at the end of March and here we are still in the same situation with rules to follow and social distancing. It’s crazy. But things are slowly getting lifted and hopefully there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Last month we lost my Grandad to this virus and I have many regrets inside me that I didn’t see him enough so with June ahead, I’m going to make more time and that’s what it all is based around..

01. Fitness. I say this every single year but surely one day that I start it will stick eventually? I have always been jealous of those people who spend half an hour everyday exercising, going to the gym and running along the roads. Me? The most I do is at home workouts and they do work best for me, it’s just sticking to them. Even going for walks, when Lee was home as well we were walking every morning, however now he’s back to work I’ve stopped those daily walks and being stuck in the house. We have so many fields and gorgeous beach walks that I can go for a wonder around, so this is something I’ll be starting before having the go ahead about going back to work.

02. Spending more time with Lee. Behind every blogger we all have someone who is patient with us behind everything we put out there. He helps me with a lot and listens to me speak about Instagram and blogging A LOT OF THE TIME. So for doing this for the last three years? He deserves all my attention at the weekends. I’ve decided to start giving myself the weekend off as normally I am upstairs creating more content, even when the sun is shining as glorious it has been.

03. Enjoying more moments. Closely to no.02 spending more time with Lee, and others when the next stage comes. I want to spend more quality time with my family, we all live so close together but don’t spend enough time together. My brother has already mentioned about doing monthly dinners as a family and this – I can get on board with. During this lockdown here in the UK, I have never missed my parents more. I saw my Dad daily working for him and also making time on the weekends to see him as it’s the only time we can speak about life other than work. I also saw my Mum at least once a week, but sometimes three times. I saw her properly for the first time and my Dad last week and I walked away so thankful for them both, and it’s something I’ll continue to do so in the future.

04. Paying more attention to our home. When we bought our first home in August 2019, I was most excited about sharing everything about it and decorating and DIY-ing to make it our own home. We started off well but since Christmas and the colder months, we sort of put it all on hold. Now the lockdown is getting slowly lifted, we are going to work on it again! We have the whole of Summer to get some more stuff done so we can enjoy it with friends and family when this is all over. I’m thinking getting the garden all ready so at the end of Summer we can fully enjoy BBQs and lounging around in the sunshine. I want to paint and decorate the second bedroom as that’s all needs to be done and possibly look into seeing how much a new kitchen will cost on a budget.

I think that sounds like an exciting month ahead of me, I love spending time with my family and friends when I do. I just need to do it more often and enjoy every minute. I’ve missed them all and even Lee when he’s working throughout the week. This lockdown can make you feel lonely and I don’t want to feel like that again, so I’m going to enjoy every zoom, FaceTime, chat from the front door and even a garden visit here and there as it’s allowed from tomorrow!


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