May 11, 2020


Apologises if there is any confusion with this title. I am no full time instagrammer / blogger, but what I mean is that I have taken the decision to only show fashion content. I still have a 10am-4pm job doing admin for my Dads haulage business. :))))))

I have tried it all throughout the six years of blogging. I have done beauty content for a long amount of time at the very beginning, I’ve shared parts of my life through Instagram, I have shared restaurant reviews through my Instagram feed. But this fashion based type of instagram feeds I see from others – that’s what I love. I love seeing other accounts where the whole feed has the same look throughout. I don’t like the mixture of everything. I feel that for me personally, with what content I was creating with a bit of ‘everything’, it made it my feed look messy.

This lockdown has helped me learn one thing throughout it all. I haven’t learned I am a good cook, I can bake a three tiered cake or I’ve taken up sewing. But I have learned, that I know what I want when it comes to the hobby of Instagram and working with brands. I want it to be all based on Fashion and sharing different ways to style different items of clothing and also sharing different photos where followers can choose their favourites. They are what is popular and that is what people are enjoying so this is what people will be getting from me, from now on. So after this whole lockdown thing, I won’t be dragging Lee around to take photos of me (which he is considerably happy about), instead he can watch the weekend football and I will happily spend three hours getting the following weeks lot of content in front of mirror in the middle of the upstairs landing blocking every room in the house!

I love mirror outfits. Basic, easy, relatable and also pretty handy instead of driving around the whole of Hampshire, and having to come home to get changed every time I need to change outfits. You have mirrors bloody everywhere too. Going away? Change your feed and use the mirror there in the room! Going shopping? Get some outfits in some favourites you find that you can share with your followers to go and shop through your Instagram or 21 Buttons account. I just enjoy shopping my own wardrobe and finding new ways to style every item of clothing. I’m finding old favourites that I’ve stored far back of my wardrobe or in the drawers that I only swap around twice a year for exchanging my summer / winter wardrobes.

So that’s what I do over Instagram and if you’re a fan of fashion and like the preview of my feed at the bottom of this page, then you’ll find me under ‘taylorjanestyle’ on Instagram or you could simply click here and it will take you straight to my account. Enjoy! Come and say hello that you’ve come from my blog as I’d love to know.

Taylor Jane


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