May 25, 2020


Rewind back to this time last year, creating content for Instagram was pretty easy and you could create anything you’d like whether that being indoors or outdoors ANYWHERE. You still can now but limited to within your own home and working with what you have. I was thankful that I was already creating mirror outfit content just before this whole lockdown but some others may not have the advantage of having the perfect space to create the content they are dreaming of.

I feel your pain and frustration if you are struggling with creating content at home, not knowing how many more weeks we have to left. I’ve got seven fashion bloggers/instagrammers together below that are sharing their secrets for creating that content. Whether that’s in front of the mirror, using a tripod, creating flatlays or just experimenting with backgrounds and so on. So scroll down to have a read about some of my favourite fashion inspirational ladies..


“The secret for my success at home is utilising every corner of my house – you’ll surprise yourself at how many spots you can find! I have about 10 alone that I can use now and differentiate between. The biggest game changer? Self timer clicker! Only about £5 on Amazon and saves SO much time shooting different looks.”


“For shooting at home content i like to write a list of all the outfits i can take photos in the most in logical order! I.E same jeans different tops and then that top with a skirt and etc. I then put on my absolute favourite playlist and put it full volume and get in the zone! I edit as I go so I don’t feel overwhelmed at the end of the day. I definitely would suggest little and often!”


“I started creating indoor content for Insta last October as the weather turned awful, and I didn’t have time to shoot outside. So, since the lockdown, I’ve been experimenting with different types of indoor shots as I used to stick to mirror selfies (mainly because I am totally awkward in front of the camera). For mirror selfies, I try and switch it up in different spots in my bedroom depending on where the light is. For my other shots, I’ve taken some inspo from Pinterest on using different angles and poses, and to be honest the outtakes are hilarious on some of my recent pictures. I like to keep quite a light aesthetic on my grid so I always use white/light backgrounds too. I usually just take a picture everyday when I’m feeling in the mood, as it gives me a break from work to get creative. Plus, I’m pretty sure my dog wonders what the heck I’m doing when I move the furniture around :)”


” Here are my creating content from home tips:
– Figure out what time of day the natural light is perfect in your home to take photos! For me this is late afternoon, but for you it could be first thing in the morning.
– If you’re working with a small space, create a little ‘set’ that could work as your background for your photos and video content, so that it’s there ready for you any time you need!
-And finally, don’t stress yourself out too much. Sometimes when a photo isn’t working because the lighting isn’t right or an outfit isn’t working. I tend to get annoyed with myself. Take a break, rework it later and come back to it. It’s not worth getting upset over!”


“It can be so hard creating content at home and it’s difficult to know where to start, especially when you’re used to shooting outside! The first thing i thought about was my feed aesthetic – i wanted my feed to look clean, bright and neutral with some added textures and pops of colour like green and gold. Then i played around with placing my mirror in a few places around my house and found that in the living room the lighting was perfect and the background of neutral colours and pampas grass worked well with my feed style. The final thing i did was plan my grid – personally i like using UNUM to see what my feed will look like. To bulk out my content, I’ve been creating more flatlays and simple imagery of accessories mixed with my normal outfit posts and it seems to be working well! Happy content creating!” x


“My secret for creating content during lockdown is the fake mirror selfie! I noticed that mirror selfies perform really well, but i wanted to keep the consistent edit and quality of my camera photos. Now when i take my pictures i set up my camera on a tripod, and face the phone towards it. It makes you look like you’re taking a mirror selfie without a mirror!”


“I’ve loved shooting more at home content recently. Although you definitely don’t need to buy any tech to help you shoot content, i’d highly recommend getting a tripod – amazon do plenty of high quality but relatively cheap ones! Take some time to play around and try some different shooting styles too. Personally i’ve loved getting my mirror out, taking it back to the classic #ootd photos with plenty of closeups!”

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