April 28, 2020


Now that the weather has decided to give us a week of rain which we’ve been missing out on, I thought it would be the perfect timing to share this kind of blog post with you all. During lockdown there isn’t much to do if you’re not working so why not catch up with some good TV or even order yourself some books. Sit down and just get lost into a story. I’ve always wanted to up my reading and man oh man, I am already breaking a new record of reading three books within one month. So here’s what I’ve been watching and reading during my lockdown experience.


This is something that I’ve been dipping in and out of before lockdown started. At the very beginning. I loved this book and it made me love Fearne Cotton even more. I found it relatable and it also made me feel not alone as I don’t think mental health is spoken about enough. Fearne covers plenty of different subjects which is comforting and reassuring. It’s full of advice that I didn’t know I needed and also at the end of every chapter she gives you a choice to do a type of exercise where you can write down any feelings, which she hopes to help readers.


I’m unsure on whether I enjoyed this book or not. It’s about two couples relationships who ask each other endless questions. As their relationships unfold, in person and online, they discuss friendship and sex, art and literature, politics and gender, and one another. Frances is in the heart of it all, bringing the complications of a twenty year old, having an affair with Nick – an older married man.


Blood Orange is what I am currently reading, which I found through Beth’s Book Club over on Facebook and Instagram. It’s based on a women named Alison who takes on a women who is accused of murder, whilst walking on a fine line of the perfect life and family, and reckless reality. She’s faced with many challenges as to which life to choose.


I absolutely love this programme. The celebrity one too. It’s something I’d never ever put myself through and I love cheering on the celebrities to complete the difficult challenges they have to face. I find it emotional, but I can’t help but have a little giggle when you see the celebs faces when having to fall from a helicopter over seas. It’s a really good test for them all and I fucking love it even more, as more women are getting involved every year. I love how the older generation who feel like it’s tougher than the rest still challenge themselves. I find it so inspiring. Some of the celebrities that are in it this year are, Katie Price, Joey Essex, Tony Bellew and more!


[Can be found on Netflix] Ozark is about a financial advisor [Marty], who suddenly relocates his family from Chicago to the summer resort Osage Beach, Missouri. After a money laundering scheme for a Mexican drug cartel goes wrong, Marty must make amends by setting up even bigger laundering operations. This is something we’ve taken a while to get through but each time it’s gripping as Marty is on thin ice throughout this whole process to keep himself and his family safe.


[Can be found on Netflix] I’ve only watch one episode and I am excited to watch the rest. I think it’s only four series and each one is an hour long, so I’m hoping to finish it all in one day. Unorthodox is about a young 19 year old jewish women named Etsy, who runs away from her arranged marriage ultra-orthodox community in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. She moves to Berlin, where her real Mother lives and tries to navigate starting a new life with music as it’s something she’s always wanted to do but back in New York, she was just a mother and wife. Her husband, who learns she was pregnant, travels to Berlin with his cousin, by order from the Rabbi to try and find her.

What have you been watching and reading during lockdown?

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