April 20, 2020


Before this whole lockdown I thoroughly enjoyed creating content outdoors, but now I must say I have changed my mind and I am loving indoor content. It’s something that I’ll be continuing to do when this is all over. I have had an amazing response to the at home content and I luckily started just before lockdown happened so I’m going to share some of my top tips, although I have so much more to learn! So let’s get down to business..


Mirror selfies have taken over my feed, and I am loving them. It’s so much easier to change outfits, and it’s less time consuming of finding somewhere new to shoot and etc. You can either use one mirror every time, or if you have a few scattered around your home then try them all! It’s making your feed look different but sticking with the same style. You can play around and play dress up’s with your own wardrobe like we all did with our favourite Disney princess outfits. You’re just changing the plastic princess heels for your favourite chunky boots with every summer dress to comfy joggers. You can do detailed shots by getting closer up to the mirror and also getting the full outfit in. You can change it up by standing, sitting on the floor, a chair and even using props. Play around, you got all day!


I purchased a tripod for my phone around two months and it’s been a god send when it comes to changing up my feed a little. I want my Instagram feed to be mainly of mirror ootds, but I also want to add other photos to make others stand out. My tripod came along with a bluetooth button which you can stand away and take photos without having to set up self timer. ( Although I highly recommend playing around with that setting too. I’ve had a few fun photo shoots with self timer.) So if you want to check out the tripod I purchased just click here. I love that you can do detailed shots with a tripod and self shooting, but also see what the image looks like. You can control everything. Also with using a tripod, you can move it to anywhere you want to get the perfect shot. In the bedroom? Go for it. In the kitchen? Do it. In the garden? Go for it. You’re neighbours may stare but heck we all use to it before this lockdown happened. Also when you’re shooting beauty content, or even homeware. Using a tripod means you don’t have to trust your steady hand to get the most crisp, balanced photo.


I absolutely love homeware content. Even when living at my Mums home, I’d share corners as I loved everything about her house as everything had a memory. Same with my own home. I love everything inside this house and out and I will share it with everyone as owning a home – I am incredibly proud of. I am a nosey person myself when it comes to peoples homes, so I love seeing the content I get to find throughout Instagram and I’d love people to consider my home as a little inspo.


IGTV isn’t something that I’ve been using myself throughout staying at home, however it’s something I need to hurry up and jump on. Everyone is doing it and I’ve loved watching everyones hauls, make up favourites, routines and also sit down chats. IGTV is stands out to me a whole lot more than youtube. You can be scrolling through Instagram and within five minutes you’ve fallen into someones IGTV and you’re two minutes in watching someones Primark haul. They fall into the app of Instagram when you upload them as a normal grid photo, but they also fall into the IGTV app where people go onto just for the IGTV content. They don’t have to be long, they could be just a couple of seconds of each outfit you wear for everyday of the week. The bonus is, you can use it for IGTV but also add it onto your TikTok account if you can shorten it down enough to be used. Bonus! Btw, how many times can I say IGTV in one paragraph? Eight.

What kind of content are you enjoying at the moment?

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