April 17, 2020


So you guys want to be nosey and find out how I edit my instagram photos. I’m the same with others over on instagram too! Forever jealous of how others can edit their photos and how they make such a dark photo go so bright whilst keeping it’s quality. So I am no expert, but after many many years of changing my feed up C O N S T A N T L Y, I have agreed on an edit that I absolutely love!

So I shoot every photo on my phone. I have two camera’s but I hardly use them! Very very rare of me to use a camera. I have the iPhone 8 Plus, but I’m due for an upgrade but with coronvirus, it’s impossible for me to get my hands on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. When I am shooting photos of myself, I go outdoors with Lee (my partner), indoors I shoot content in front of our bedroom mirror and when I am self shooting I use my tripod which I purchased off Amazon – cheap as chips for easy and quick content! [ If you are interested in what tripod I use it’s called the ‘Hitch Phone Tripod, 51 Inch 130cms Aluminum Lightweight’ over on Amazon. Just £19.99!

For editing my photos I use two editing apps. I go through my photos and I favourite the ones I like most. I then go over to Snapseed, which I upload the said photos. (You can only upload and edit one photo at a time which is annoying, so do it in a bulk incase you loose them amongst other photos.)

I then go onto Tools which is centred in the middle of the screen, and I play around with ‘Tune Image’ I up the brightness, saturation, ambiance and highlights. Every photo is different by how much I up these but I do it until I am happy enough with them, they’re brighter, with more colour and the shadows are reduced without touching the option for them. I then export the photo and save it as a copy.

I then move onto my most recent app I have downloaded and have used for the last couple of months. TEZZA. (If you don’t follow Tezza yourself over on Instagram, then do it immediately – she’s amazing.) The app is free but you get only get a selected few to use for free, I pay £1.79 monthly for all the edits on images. Tezza recently added video editing too which I also pay for and is AMAZING and that’s £3.49 a month. But like I said you can use this for free with just minimal edits to test how much you like it!

When you’re on Tezzo I upload the images I want to edit a little more and tap on the first photo. My main edit I use is Vintage and I always put this at 27, as you can change how strong you want the edit on your photos. Sometimes I play around with the brightness and saturation if it’s a little too much from the editing with Snapseed, but most of the time I get it in the first go as I’m so use to this editing now. But there are so many edits to choose from and they’re so gorgeous. There are 26 in total, and I’m sure she’ll be adding more as the time goes on.

Just two apps I use! All can be done on your phone within a couple of minutes! Easy and I love the end result every single time.

I hope you have enjoyed hearing about this, and I can’t take any credit as it’s thanks to Tezza for creating such a fab app for making it easier for myself!

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Happy editing! xox

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