March 19, 2020

Trends I’m Currently Obsessed With For 2020

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It’s changing every single week/month and I cannot get enough of the latest trends. I use to be someone who would jump on every trend. I’d be buying the latest beauty products, because everyone else was. I’d be always tempted to go and buy the latest dress which everyone else was wearing. People wearing chunky trainers? Me too. ( I have to admit, I do own a pair now.) However now, I’m not quite jumping on the trends straight away. It takes me a while to go ahead with it. I have to try things in store a couple of times and then I jump on the bandwagon. I’ve been loving what’s already hit 2020 so far and I want to share trends I am sticking to religiously for next nine months.

So without further ado..


I got my first puff sleeve item kindly gifted by Loavies, which was a puff sleeved cardigan (top). It isn’t quite out there like some that I have seen, but I’ve finally found the perfect top for the ‘nice jeans and a top’ outfit. I love the puff sleeves on dresses, tops and I’ve even been loving it recently with River Island adding it to their blazers. I’ll leave that link here. You can’t imagine it on a blazer and looking right, but I’m totally here for it.

With dresses you can either dress it up with some cute heels and a little handbag, or dressing it down with some chunky boots or trainers. Then with tops, you can mix it up with plenty of jeans and other trousers. Joggers or smart trousers. It adds a little sass to every outfit.


If you haven’t realised over on my Instagram, I’m a little obsessed with going neutral with my colour palettes. I’ve guessed everyone else thinks the same too, as these type of style pics do best. Light neutrals have never been a part of my everyday wardrobe, but it’s getting more and more popular now. Even more with Spring coming, then soon after Summer. Less rain, less puddles and less mud to flick up off the back of your shoes. I’m forever looking at those neutrals and instantly thinking OOOOOO I NEED IT. ME ME ME. So if you don’t follow me over on Instagram and love neutrals as much as me, then find me at @taylorjanestyle.


I never thought these would suit me and I thought it would be the type of hat that I buy and never wear outdoors to the public. However, I AM TOTALLY HERE FOR THEM. Everyones slowly getting themselves one and everyone is looking mighty fine rocking their Fedoras. I have two, a tanned one and black, but I’ve decided I need a new black one, maybe a brown too. My black one you’ll find over on my Instagram is from ASOS and my tanned one is from My Accessories London, also over on ASOS.

I love how you can add these type of hats to majority to every outfit. Cute dress? Yup. Jeans and a cute top with a trench? Hell yeah! I love that it just adds a little edge to your outfit and you can also hide the fact that your hair is due a wash, but you want to get an extra day without. I’ll leave a couple of faves below.

What trends are you loving at the moment or wanting to try out? If you’re unsure I’ll share some of my favourites below.

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