January 17, 2020

Some Of My 2019 Hair Care Favourites

[This blog post contains affiliate links and also a gifted item, which has been ‘**’. I can make a small percentage of pennies from your purchases through my affiliate links.]

Writing a blog post about hair care that i’m bringing through with me to 2020 is a little late, but believe me when I say this – they’re saviours. These products have been saving my hair and also bringing it back to life. I haven’t coloured my hair now for over a year and it was slowly loosing body and volume, but now? My hair speaks volume and also it’s looking hellaaaaaaa healthy.


Something that I discovered last year. I have been through so many heat protection products, but none have either done my hair any good or they can’t be used on dry hair. Well this beauty can be used on wet and dry hair, it’s cruelty free and it even protects against UV. Perfect for a holiday addition this year in my beauty bag. It enhances shine and also helps to de-frizz and tame any fly aways. Plus another product for a good fragrance! I’ve been using this for around eight months, I’m on my second bottle so I’d recommend to you all as it’s a goldie.


The one that I’ve been using the longest. My Mum introduced me to this oil treatment and oh my god, thank you Mumma Mel. These are a little pricey but let me tell you that the smallest amount goes a long way, I usually use a five pence piece amount each time. It smells incredible, and reminds me of holiday every time as this is a must have in my toiletries for each holiday. It’s super hydrating and leaves your hair feeling soft, silky and healthy. I’d be surprised if anyone tells me they haven’t already ‘been and there and done it’ with this hair treatment but if you are one of those then get it in your basket over at Feel Unique, Look Fantastic or even Amazon.


My latest discovery! Coco & Eve hair mask. You can use this two ways, either for a ten minute application or you can leave it in over night. I’ve used this for ten minutes and yes it leaves your hair feeling soft, silky and smooth. However, I have recently used this for an over night hair mask and OH MY GOD, LEMME TELL YOU. It left my hair feeling insanely soft, silky and smooth. Forget using it for ten minutes, this is going to be a weekly/every other week hair treatment because I can get my hands straight through my hair, NO KNOTS. Maybe a little pull here and there, but hey it’s pretty windy this time of year. My hair is feeling so healthy from this overnight treatment too, and it smells gorgeous. Also the comb is included with this, you brush through the product after you’ve applied so it’s even. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.


It’s another discovery from 2019 again. So you can use this three ways ~ as a conditioner, a hair mask or you leave it in. It smells amazing, and I recommend it to everyone as it suits everyone needs. Once using this hair food, your hair is left feeling soft and it looks super healthy. And once again, a little goes a long way and it’s not too over powering, but for adding a little softness to your hair – hair food is the way forward. Plus you can find this at your local Home Bargains but a fraction of the price else where.

So lemme just round this up. Yes I haven’t dyed my hair for the last year which also massively helps with getting your hair back in good condition. But, I know my hair and I have seen a massive difference in the last two months with my hair. It’s got thicker and I’ve been told that too. My hair has always been quite thin, but I’m getting there. I’m going to be growing it out this year, and I may get a little Opalex to help a gal out. (The recommendations on this right now is insane, so if you wanna check that out too then I’ll add it below to the ‘shop my hair care’.)



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