December 7, 2019

The best about 2019

2019 what a year you have been. (It’s not over yet no, but I’m glad to see the back of it as we’re close to the end.) Christmas is the biggest distraction before the end of the year. We’re all so consumed into the Christmas spirit and fussed about what we’re wearing to our Christmas parties that we forget the end of the year is approaching. Before you know it we’re all be saying ‘ New year new me’ bullshit and counting down at 11.59 on the 31st December.

2019 started off pretty mellow, began to get more exciting and wow the things I have achieved for myself, I’d quite happily pat myself on the back. I’ve collaborated with brands that I never thought would come true. I’ve matured, I’ve become an adult, I own a fucking house. I have a bloody mortgage, wow. I’m currently sat on my sofa, with my blanket, with my partner, with our Christmas tree lights twinkling. Who would have thought? Not me.

Although 2019 kicked me straight in the stomach this winter. We got bad news about me Nan and let’s put this way – there’s nothing that can be done. Lemme tell you about my Nan, she’s a total cutie for a Nan. She always has treats for you, your company is always welcome, she has the funniest laugh, she doesn’t give two kisses on the cheek, it’s always four and every phone call ends with love you ‘lots’ – the ‘lots’ is very important to her. A phone call never ends without it. Her garden is like a Disney enchanted forest. It’s her pride and joy and next year my goal is to make my garden somewhere that I enjoy. She’s such a strong little lady and I’ll be forever proud of the women she is and I’ll never stop talking about her. We weren’t close, I didn’t put myself out enough to see her and I’m not going to lie – I do regret that. See your grandparents peeps, you won’t get it back.

I know it may seem a little early to already be looking back on 2019, but every year excites me. A holiday in 2020 excites me a lot as it’s been a year without one and omg not again. That week of doing nothing, sitting round a pool and everything being all inclusive is a must have at least once a year. I’m hitting 26 this year on the 27th December 2019, but next year I’m hitting 27 and I don’t know I feel like that year will be a good year. I’ve always thought that, something weird about the fact my birthday falls on the 27th. (I don’t get it neither.)

I’m forever grateful for myself. I feel like I’m my biggest cheerleader, I’m always patting myself on the back, I’ll always give myself that girl chat/pep talk in the mirror every morning. I’ll forever be proud of myself and be thankful that I have the attitude to give to others and to share love and support everywhere. I’m going to continue to be that person, but to also do things for myself. Say yes to opportunities that take me out of my comfort zone, be more honest, say no to things and share my love a little bit more.

So until 2020 countdown is on, my plans are to wrap the Christmas presents, eat more, celebrate my birthday, spend time with friends and family and enjoy ten days off over Christmas.

See you soon 2020.


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