December 23, 2019

My 2020 Plans & Goals

Every year we set ourselves goals but it’s never a list of goals that we plan to get ourselves through. Whether I complete them and tick them all off is one thing, but creating the list of plans and goals just gives me that little umpth to kick start the new year.

More travelling and exploring
When I say travelling, I don’t mean I want to throw a big large bag on my back with a suitcase and off I jet on the next plane to Australia for six months. If it was that easy I wouldn’t hold back, but i’m talking a little closer to home. Lee and I want to go on holiday as last year it was all about the house, and man we need a break! But also I want to visit more places in the UK such as, Newcastle, York and even back over to the Isle of Wight. I love it there. I’d also like to return to Liverpool, Manchester and London for more exploring. Seeing more of the cities! Then for jumping on the plane – I’d like to visit Paris, Krakow, Italy and Amsterdam again. Paris and Krarkow is two places I’ve wanted to visit for years and for Italy and Amsterdam – I’d love to return and explore some more! So there’s no much to see in both of these, and the cities themselves just speak for themselves!

Change of career

I don’t know whether you guys know much about my working life but i work for my Dad who runs his own haulage company. I’ve worked here since ditching college and this was only suppose to be something temporary, however seven years later and here i am. Still working from the same desk and looking at the same screen. There’s so many highs about working for my Dad, but i’m dying to try something a little different and something that excites me. I’m torn between staying and going, but sometimes a change can be a positive thing and you can only give things a try. I’ve done it once, loved it but returned when the company closed. Here’s to creating a decent CV and seeing where my wisdom takes me.

Finishing off the house

Lee and I moved into our first home together in August. I’ve never been so proud of us both as we have totally smashed it with getting everything in the house and making it our own from get go. However, we still need to do blinds for upstairs, paint the second bedroom, get some prints for the walls and get our garden looking pretty. (With this cold weather, the whole thing looks dead. Lol) So that’s our plans for next year, i’m already excited for spring/summer as that’s when we will get this all done and hopefully i can show you guys a little more!

Get more active

Every year I tell myself I want to be more active, get more fit and just enjoy a good workout. Here I am five years on and I’m still in the same mindset. However, 2020 I want to be more active. I want to go out on walks, I want to run 5ks for charity. I want to go to the gym and look forward to a good workout. Whenever you finish a workout, you never walk out the gym feeling crap about yourself. You always feel good, your mind feels fresh and you’re ready to kick start the day ahead. I’m going to give it my all time best. I don’t want to loose weight, I don’t want changes over night. I want a better mindset and to also be kinder to myself. So it’s time to forget what other people are looking at and focusing on myself, because hey no one pays attention. 

Save the pennies and pounds

Buying a house really does take all your money. You save up for such a long time and BAM ya money is gone, but there is nothing more rewarding then having somewhere you can call home. In 2020, I want to put more money away where we can add more touches to our home and put more into our garden. We didn’t have much of a summer in our home and we need that summer for all the bbq’s we want to host. But to have those bbq’s, I want to have a garden that I enjoy sitting in with friends. I want garden furniture that I can sit out in the garden, listen to music whilst reading the next chapter of my book. 

Looking after myself more

When I say looking after myself more, I’m going to start putting myself first. Saying no to the things I don’t actually want to do, because others want to. Taking the time out to focus on myself, to stop feeling guilty for things I don’t agree on/want to take part in. Continue to pep talk myself in the mirror every morning telling myself that belly rolls, wobbly legs and a double chin when I laugh isn’t what’s important. Remembering that the odd girls night once a month is a total must have, because when I see my close friends I feel a million times better.  

So here’s to 2020. No pressure, just enjoy yourself, explore the country you live in, follow your heart with work and friends, and look after yourself and your home. You deserve it, you owe it yourself.


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