December 12, 2019

Have I become boring?

Something I’m starting to ask myself.

I have been with my partner Lee for seven years next year, I’ve always been someone who prefers a night in to a night out, I love getting cosy and sitting in front of the tv and I would rather watch friends on repeat than message a friend to meet up.

I worry that others think that it’s down to Lee. I’m always with Lee. I’m always spending time with him. They’re joint at the hip.

Truth is? I like being in his company, I like spending time with him and I like a night in eating all the crap we shouldn’t be eating. I don’t have to worry about whether he’s having fun, I don’t have to ask if he wants a drink every half an hour and I don’t have to explain to him that I want to leave and go up to bed.

If someone said to me I can choose between a strawberry daiquiri or hot white chocolate, my choice? The hot chocolate.

I lived my clubbing life, getting dressed up every week, going out every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. (Sometimes a Sunday if it’s bank holiday.) I spent every weeks wage on a new outfit and going out. I’ve truly out done myself. I like to have a glass of wine sometimes, but that’s indoors with a lovely home cooked dinner, one of my favourite films and at the end of a long week at work.

I absolutely loved going out when I was 18-21 years old. Loved it. I like the odd night out and that’s what makes them more special and more of an excuse to let my hair down and have some fun with my friends.

So there we have it. Changing your lifestyle doesn’t make you boring whether you’re 25 or 45.

So here’s to worrying about what others actually think and doing what we actually love. Screw it if I’m boring.


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