December 3, 2019

Can I really call myself a Fashion Blogger?

The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear.

I question myself over and over whether i can really call myself a fashion blogger. Am i a fashion blogger or shall i call myself a lifestyle blogger?


I don’t keep up with all the latest trends, just because i see something look amazing on someone else – that doesn’t make me want to go out and buy it. I can be influenced on my fashion picks, of course but i can’t afford to shop weekly. I don’t want to make purchases every week on Klarna, just to make myself fit in with everyone else and show it off for me to only return 80% of it. I don’t have brands wanting to work with me left, right and center. I get the odd one every month, but that’s not enough for me to keep creating content.

It’s the same with shooting, getting that content together. I work Monday to Friday and my hours are 10am-4pm every day. With the winter months here, it makes it super impossible to get any content created before or after. I literally have the weekends and that’s it, but i don’t want to spend every hour of the weekend dragging Lee around to take some photos of me. It’s his weekends too. I also wonder if i spend every weekend taking photos, is it really worth it in the long run? But hey, guess what my plans are this weekend? Taking photos! So let’s say I don’t take myself too seriously with it all. I like to shoot when i can, if i don’t have the time i won’t pressure myself, life becomes before instagram.

The same goes with what i am styling and wearing. Is it good enough to keep repeating the same jumper but with different jeans and coat? Do people realise that I’m uploading the same outfit but different photo? Is it ok to repeat oufits? Does anyone else repeat outfits?


Of course i do. Like i said, i don’t have the money to spend on different content for every post. I post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, then every other Saturday. I don’t have time to get 3/4 different outfits on the weekend and i also don’t have the bank account neither or time to be honest. If i’m really honest, no one ever notices anyway! I don’t notice when people go on an instagram break, let alone repeated an outfit on their feed.

So, just because i repeat outfits and don’t keep up to date with the latest fashion trends – does that make me not that fashion blogger?

What do you think?


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