November 27, 2019

Travelling Through Southampton History At GHT

Southampton doesn’t get enough credit for the amount of history that is hidden between each old town walls throughout the city. If you didn’t know GHT is God’s House Tower which is based in, you named it.. Southampton! I was kindly invited to explore the new opening with a bunch of other bloggers, and wow I learnt more than I ever did in any history lesson.

So within this beautiful building you have different levels which takes you on a journey, from the 14th century of Southampton which goes up to the stunning views of Southampton now. Not only do you get to explore the history but there’s also plenty of art within the museum, and there’s even a gorgeous selection of art from the community too.

Not only that, there is also a cafe inside too which is such a perfect space must I say. The Hoxton Bakehouse are within the building and omg wow – the cakes are delicious! This is the perfect space if you want to get some work done on the laptop, fancy meeting a friend for a drink or even just somewhere to sit down after exploring the history. Not only is this a cafe but they have live events too which are held right within the walls. Such as – art events, live music, workshops, heritage events and more. There’s even a shop inside which do a lovely selection of items for you to buy! You have everything ranging from t-shirts, your fancy fridge magnet and also the illustrations by artists within Southampton.

This is a building I’ve driven past many times and until now, it hasn’t looked more alive. From the gorgeous entrance, to each corner  – the amount of love that has gone into this building not only shows on the teams faces, but you can see it everywhere within.

I really could not recommend visiting GHT enough, whether that’s a visit by yourself or even a visit with another generation to show how amazing Southampton’s history really is. You will be surprised how much you can learn, and the art and history is really out there for the best I’ve seen in this city. It’s got everything you need for a day out to a museum, just until one roof.

I can’t say I’ve explored much of this side of Southampton. The history side and this has convinced me to explore some more. Southampton isn’t just about the shopping, football and the fancy boat show we have once a year and Christmas markets. It’s packed with history and so much more.

Want to take a closer look? Click here.

Southampton you’re such a joy to live in.

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