November 23, 2019

Testing Out The All Day Dining Menu At Harbar On 6th

*This meal was gifted to us both, but our review is totally our own and this is all down to our personal experience.*

Last week I was kindly invited by Harbar on 6th to try out their new all day dining menu. So Lee and I went for it and we decided to go midday. We wanted to treat ourselves to a yummy lunch with having some time off work. [ It was also Lee’s birthday so this was an added bonus for the weekend.]

Let’s start off by saying how beautiful the hotel itself is. It’s a five star hotel which came to Southampton not that long ago. It’s situated in the most perfect location for Southampton, not far from the city and also by the water. Plenty of bars and restaurants around, but they have a pretty impressive one themselves. So this is located [of course] on the 6th floor. You have beautiful views everywhere you look. On a beautiful sunny day, it’s somewhere I’d like to stop off at for a spot of lunch or a date night dinner.

It’s got a great size bar as well as restaurant and I can imagine for the evening, it all becomes one. They also have a gorgeous seating area outside which I can see myself at next summer.

So lemme tell you about our experience..

Starters : 
Taylor – Feta stuffed peppers. I went for a nibble as I’m never a starter type of girl. I’m a dessert type. These were so yummy, and I have thing for feta at the moment! The more I ate, I got a little bored but they’re perfect for something little whilst others at the table are eating starters and you don’t want to sit there and watch.
Lee – Roasted red pepper soup, chilli marshmallows. Lee found this really nice and he thoroughly enjoyed it that he was ever so tempted to eat the bun. However, five star hotel we thought we better hold back. The bun itself is the bowl for the soup and I loved this idea. Can’t say it’s the first time I’ve seen this but it is on the table in front of me. I tried it myself too and it was a little spicy but it was so good. The bread was super fresh too.

Mains :
Taylor – Sweet potato, three bean hotpot. Of course, vegetarian option for me. This was full of flavour and I wanted to enjoy it so badly but when they say hotpot – they meant BOILING. Where this came in the pot, it just was so difficult to eat. Every mouthful was burning my mouth but at the same time it was so yum. I loved how bread came on the side but I think this needs to come in a fancy bowl where more air can get to it so it can cool down quicker. No boiling hot food is enjoyable to eat. Lee had finished way ahead of me, because with every mouthful I had to allow it too cool down.
Lee – Harbar beef burger, smoked applewood cheese, tomato relish, gherkin, fries. Lee has a burger 80% of the time when we go out and he’d highly rate this up there with some of his favourites. He was chuffed when he saw the size of the gherkin on top. The burger wasn’t too much, it looked big but it was easy to eat. No mess! [ Winner. ] The fries were really good too, the perfect amount of salt to make them tasty from get go.

Desserts : 
Taylor – White chocolate creme brûlée – Omg. Yum! First time for having creme brûlée and omg what a time to be alive. White chocolate is a must in my dessert menu and this was so good. Although the top of the creme brûlée was super sticky, so sticky I was worried about my teeth. However, my creme brûlée virginity was taken and I will be getting another.
Lee didn’t fancy a dessert which I was gutted by. I could have had two!! Always room for dessert. But we did opt for another drink in the bar area.

As a whole : We both really enjoyed our experience at Harbar on 6th and would highly recommend it to friends and family. It’s somewhere that we’re planning to go to for our next ‘date night’. There was good energy in the restaurant and bar and the staff couldn’t have done anymore. I loved how attentive they were and how they were really good at noticing when you needed a top up of drink and covered everything they possibly could have done. I think the pricing is really good here too considering it’s a hotel, the prices aren’t too out there. It’s reasonable for a nice meal with some friends, family or partner. In the summer, I can see why this is the place to be. The beautiful views and also the energy gives such a good vibe.

Harbar on 6th, we’ll see you soon.

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