November 2, 2019

I Deleted Whats App And Here’s Why

Whilst trying to find a photo of myself to add to this post, I’ve seen it again. 473 unread emails, 2 text messages, 22 voicemails, 1 facebook messenger and a 21 buttons notification. If I had whats app still on my phone, that would be within the list somewhere.

There was a time where those notifications meant something to me. Maybe not the 473 unread emails as it’s most likely Prezzo and Bella Italia letting me know they’ll discount my favourite pasta and pizza, but for facebook messages, text messages and endless whats app conversations. Just like those MSN chats meant so much to me once. I felt the urge to message back within minutes. I was always sat on my phone with the only option to play snake or update my BBM status.


Now, I feel like I can see those unread messages sit there until they build up to at least ten. Unless it’s my Mum, Dad, Lee or my brothers. I can leave messages for not only hours but for days. Sometimes I don’t feel like chatting, and sometimes I don’t feel like answering questions –  let alone asking them.

I still don’t like texting back even though I’m online on whats app, uploaded my latest post on instagram and shared a cute video of dogs on facebook. I don’t like texting back even though I’ve tweeted about what chocolate I would loose out on from the following choice : Mars, Reeses, Twix, Smarties, Galaxy, Frys Peppermint cream and Wispas. (FYI Frys Peppermint, gross and also Reeses, never seen the hype.) Even though I spend most of my time on my phone that doesn’t mean I have to message you back.

Whats app is an app which has so many perks for those girlfriends who want to know what their boyfriend is up to at 2am on their first lads holiday. It’s great for seeing whether the boy you fancy is online and whether he’s going to leave your message on the blue tick. It’s great for group chats and organising plans with your pals. It’s great because everyone uses it. But not me. All those perks are the reason why I hate the app. Instant messaging, group chats, always logged in, offline messages, share your location and a hell load more reasons why.

I may not reply to your messages instantly, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t upload my latest post to Instagram, change my facebook profile or reply back to another friend instead of you first.

I’ve gone back to the standard messaging. No read receipts and no where to say I am online. And I’m happy about that.

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