November 10, 2019

A Charlotte Tilbury Honest Review

*A total honest review after a month of using each product. I have added some affiliate links which I earn a small amount of pennies and these products were kindly gifted and OMG AMAZING RIGHT?. Pinch me moment over on this side of the screen.*

As you can tell from the title, I’m here to chat with you about Charlotte Tilbury. I’m talking skincare and also make up. I’ve got some *must haves* and I’ve also got some *I wouldn’t even bother*. So lemme get straight to why you are here, let’s get reading.


Charlottes Magic Cream ~ Is it as good as what everyone makes out? I’m afraid so. It’s light weight on the skin with a thick consistency when applying. So little is more. It’s got a subtle scent to it and it really softens the skin. I noticed a difference in my skin quite quickly and I also got a few compliments on the glow which I think is a mixture between using this cream and also Wonder Glow. I like using this in the AM so my skin is fresh and prepped for my everyday make up. With someone who has sensitive skin, this really works as well.
Use this in the morning and would highly recommend if you want to splurge. 
Magic Eye Rescue ~ Oh my god. I absolutely love this product. I’ve said it. I will be spending £40.00 every time I run out of the next pot. It’s that good. I’ve seen a huge difference with my under eye and those bags now are lighter and brighter with a little glow to them every single day. It’s super hydrating and a little goes a long way. This is a product which you will buy and it will go on forever. My eyes are left feeling nourished and moisturised, the perfect base for any make up. 
Used daily, morning and evening. Would highly recommend.

Wonderglow Primer ~ According to CT website, the is an award winner. Is it winning on my list? Again, I’m sorry but it’s a yes from me. It gives a gorgeous subtle glow and it leaves my skin feeling super soft and hydrated. It’s the perfect base for my foundation and I use the IT Cosmetics CC Cream. It’s the perfect combo. Even using this alone gives your skin a gorgeous glow.
Use this with or without make up and I would highly recommend.
Luxury Palette / The Bella Sofia ~ My type of palette between four shades. The most gorgeous browns and nude. There’s one super shimmery shade, two more subtle and one with the slightest hint of shimmer. With these four shades you can create a gorgeous smokey eye look without using black. Each shade is creamy and velvety which just slides onto the lids with your fingers and also blend so well with a brush. They’re all super pigmented and the nude shade is perfect for a base with creating that smokey eye. (Also for the inner!) 
Recommend if these are your type of shades, it doesn’t disappoint.
The Feline Flick ~ The eyeliner which is no different to any other liquid eye liner. Yes you can create an easy cat eye liner, but so can you with other and cheaper alternatives. I’m not a huge liner fan, I like it on the odd occasion but I’m normally quite plain Jane with my eye make up.  Although I would go for a cheaper option, this liner didn’t smudge or budge in fact. There was no transfer on the upper lid and it was easy to remove.
Would not recommend, unless you fancy treating yourself for a more expensive option.
Full Fat Lashes Mascara ~ Mascara is a product that I could not live without. Mascara is my everyday must have. However this mascara is not the one.  It creates natural looking lashes, it doesn’t add much volume to mine or length. It transfers from my bottom lashes onto my skin after five minutes and continues to do so throughout the day. I’ve always loved Maybelline Sensational mascara and that’s what I will repurchasing once I’ve ran out of this one.
Really disappointing and would not recommend or repurchase.
Cheek To Chic / Ecstasy ~ Omg. Yes I said it. Omfg. I love this blusher and I’m really not a blush type of girl. I like my bronzer that’s what I’ve always stuck with for a very long time. However this little beauty has changed me. It’s super pigmented and you really need a little dab on the brush and you’ve got the perfect colour to your cheeks. Dab more than once and wow you will look like a Flamingo. This is a gorgeous natural shade and has a soft and creamy texture. 
Gorgeous shade, would recommend. It looks like a nipple.
Lip Cheat (Liner) / Pillow Talk ~ Let’s keep this basic. I don’t use lip liners. I just don’t see what they’re there for. Line ya lips I know, but I always go without and never had any issues. I’ve used a lip liner… once? When applying red liquid lipstick, but I didn’t need it. It’s just another thing for us all to buy and I don’t fancy buying another.
Not for me hunni’s xox
K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick / Penelope Pink ~ A gorgeous shade, super creamy and easy to apply. Although they don’t last for very long on my lips. Personally for me – that doesn’t bother me. I like reapplying my lipstick even when it doesn’t need it as it makes me feel a little bit better. No lipstick lasts all day long like these people make them out to. So yeah, that’s the lipstick. They don’t last over four hours but they’re gorgeous shades and also super lightweight on the lips. You’d never know.
If you want a lipstick which lasts 24 hours then lemme know when you find one.
Lip Lusture / Seduction ~ Love love loveeeeee this shade. Such a gorgeous nude which is perfect for everyday. It’s a thick consistency and a little sticky when first applying, but after a while that’s gone when it’s set. Love these and would buy more shades. I’m a liquid lipstick girl over any normal lipstick. What about you?
If I haven’t put you off then I’d recommend as this a gorgeous shade for anyone. 

There we have it. A simple and honest review which is straight to the point. My must haves for the nearby future and what I will not be repurchasing. 
Lots of love

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