October 1, 2019

Must Haves For Your A/W Wardrobe

(This post does include affiliate links so I make a small % of pennies towards my shopping addiction. Lol.)

I love autumn. I love it for all different reasons. Fashion, the leaves changing, the morning winter sun and so on. For Fashion it’s all about the autumnal tones, knitwear, and layering.


Other than all the layering and whatever else, I’m going to start with footwear. Chunky black boots, whether they’re heels or flats. I have quite a collection of winter boots, but to me you can’t have too many. With all the different textures that are not within the fashion industry stands out to me. Snake print boots, croc print, and then also the Dr Martens style which every brand other than Dr Martens themselves are trying to copy. What I also love about Boots with a heel can be used for day or evening, and half of the time they’re most comfortable.

Some of my favourites –


I’ve gathered quite the collection when it comes down to coats and jackets. My favourite style for Autumn has to be the trench coat. When it’s quite not cold enough to wear something super thick, but a chunky knit and a trench is perfect outside weather. You can style these up and down and they’re so stylish and quite make me look like I’ve got my shit together when I’m the total opposite. Teddy coats are another jacket which you all need in your wardrobe. There are so many different styles whether that’s cropped, midi or oversized. A Teddy coat is most needed if you want to add a little texture to your wardrobe.

Some of my favourites –


Blazers are my most favourite. Asos, H&M, Mango, Oasis and so on have such a different range of styles when it comes down to Blazers. With Blazers they can be worn all year round and they’re perfect for Autumn for layering. I love a thick hoodie with a blazer, a simple tee and also a roll neck. If you’re new to blazers I would say start with a black one. Black of course goes with absolutely everything and you can never go wrong with black.

Some of my favourites –

Loungewear to going out wear

Loungewear. Is it something that you can only lounge around within the comfort of your home? No of course not, make it fashion and style it with those chunky trainers and teddy jacket. When it comes to the colder months, I forever want to be in my comfy clothes and if it isn’t PJS – then it’s loungewear. Trust me, no one will know. Loungewear is for any day of the week, let alone the year so go mental. You can never have too much in the ‘comfies’ drawer.

Some of my favourites –

Chunky knits & Roll necks

I find, the thicker the knit the better. I love layering, but I also hate it when you’re out walking all day or on the go. With a simple chunky knit is my absolute go to. My favourite place for these are H&M and also Zara. With the chunky knit/roll necks combined into one, I love tucking my hair in and wear them with a smart jacket. With my knits, I like to keep them pretty neutral so that I can rewear them over and over but looking different.

Some of my favourites –


I’m talking scarfs, hats and even gloves. (Of course jewellery and all those funky headbands but I’m talking A/W remember huns.) This year I want to add more accessories to my wardrobe, and that includes the chunky knit scarfs, the bobble hats and also those fluffy gloves. Beanie hats are always a winner when it’s hair wash day too and you seriously cba. With these accessories you can make the same outfit different by changing the scarf and hat, plus you’re keeping warm!

Some of my favourites –

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