October 17, 2019

Listen Up.

Listen up, lemme have your attention.

I’ve been asked numerous amount of times all about my style. I’ve never been asked about my body confidence because it’s something that I didn’t brag about over on social media. However, I’d like to sprinkle a shit load of body positivity over on you dollies and hopefully make you feel better. (That’s where I’m heading anyway, that’s my aim.) After reading the book ‘The Secret’ and also sharing a little more over on Instagram – I’m ready to spread all the body confidence you deserve and get positive.

These last couple of months, something hit me.
Hard in the face.
A wake up call.
I’ve got this constant angel on my shoulder telling me that I’m a total bad ass queen and a mini chunkier version of Chessie King. (If you don’t follow her, then go for it – she’s full of body positivity and she’s totally inspiring.)

Someone asked me before – how have I found my style. I never knew I came across like I had! However, I have discovered my style over the last year. So let me throw out there some tips for the body confidence you deserve and where to find it –

May sound silly, I know. Me giving you the first point as dressing for you means, dress how you want to dress and not how your friends dress. Growing up, I forever envied the way my friends looked all dressed up going into town. I’d always repeat the same outfit (cause I was most comfortable) or I would slightly copy their outfit so hopefully I will fit in and people wouldn’t notice me or I’d hope I’d look just as good. (Obviously always disappointed when I looked back at my reflection and realise I don’t look anything like my girlfriends.)

Don’t go doing any of that silly stuff. The amounts of times I did it when I was a teenager. I’d go into River Island when I was a size 10 and everything size 10 near enough fitted me. Then next up would be Topshop. I’d pick up everything size 10 and be totally disappointed when trying on each item, to find out that nothing fits me. I’d leave the shop fucking miserable and feel totally shit about myself. Now? I go in the shop, I pick up each item in the two sizes – 12 and 14. I try the bigger size first, so I won’t be disappointed. If anything I’d feel pretty chuffed if I ended up needing the size down. The only problem this way round is that 90% of the time – I’m leaving with a 5p bag in my hand.

Don’t be harsh, don’t call yourself names and don’t put yourself down. It’s so easy to have a bad day and call yourself fat, ugly or both. The amount of times growing up I referred myself as fat. I was never fat. I was between a size 8 to 12 funnily enough. I had a good pair of knockers and I had plenty of confidence to show off to other people, just not alone. I only ever ‘shined’ around others and around my friends or on webcam for #selfie time. Learn to love yourself and tell yourself all the things you like about yourself. Be proud of your curves, your boobs, your beauty. We are all different so we all stand out as individuals. You. Are. Beautiful. Tell me three things you love about yourself. Mine : Curves, Boobs & Skin.

When people throw about the word ‘gym’, they instantly think you’ve got to be on top form, know what you’re doing and it’s pressure to get that ‘summer’ body. Every time I leave the gym, not only do I feel good about going but I also feel better in my mind. I feel like any stress or anger – I take it out on my run. I push myself further and I keep telling myself to keep going until I’ve completed it. It’s the time that I can just be in my own mind and within my own thoughts, and I can just think. I have no distractions, I can just get on with my workout and I know I’ll be leaving feeling a whole lot better I did before I walked in. Plus, you feel better about your body after a good sweat. Even a little swim, if you aren’t a gym goer.

Don’t stick to just one item of clothing which makes you feel good. Go into your local town, pick up everything and anything that you like but takes you out of your comfort zone and go in those changing rooms and get trying. Sometimes we find a top that we like, and decide to buy the same top in the five different colours. Why? We like it, yes but why don’t we try something different? I’m guilty of staying within my comfort zone and I’m all here for being in my comfort zone but I’ve loved trying what else suits me. What else I love myself in. Top tip : Don’t wear your hair up. Nothing worse than spending time doing your hair for it to totally get ruined. Just remember, go with the biggest size first so no disappointment.

Hope this helps one of you, let alone anymore. Like I said above..

Tell me three things you love about your body.
Mine : Curves, boobs & skin.
Now tell me yours below.


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