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White Jeans | Petite Range

*This post does include affiliate links.*

These may not be the pair for you, unlike they are for me. But you need a pair. Why the heck I haven't invested in a pair of white jeans, I don't know. I've always been someone that likes to stick within their comfort zone when it comes to fashion.
Black jeans.
I've got a drawer full of black jeans : cropped, wide leg, raw hemmed, skinny. Nothing other than black jeans.

I've always been someone that wants white jeans, or any other colour than black when it comes to the summer months. I've also always been someone who admires everyone else that wears them. But, I've always been worried about WHAT COULD HAPPEN. You know, time off the month - any other colour than black is not allowed. The worry my thighs looking a whole lot bigger, the worry of cellulite being on show to the world and also the big worry of spilling that glass of Rosè down me or even dirt marks that is actually chocolate.

But these jeans in particular are a total winner for me, and for even us petite/curvy gals. You're sorted.

They're super comfy. So comfy you could lay out on the sofa in them when you can't be bothered to move after a long day. They're the perfect length for even someone like me that normally has to shop in the petite range. They're quite slimming too, I don't mind my thighs in these. There's a belt that comes along with the jeans, and you can also change that with another of your own. So not only are you getting jeans, you're getting a cute little belt too just for £18.00. Hellooooo *insert love heart eyes emoji* (Here's the link. P.S They're George Asda!)


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  1. Wow, how did I not see these jeans sooner, I need a pair lol. Loved this post! :)

    Lily Loves |


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