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A Letter To My Mum

A little different from my normal diary entries, this one is to my Mum.

To Mum,

I always use to write you little notes with them either telling you how amazing you are, or asking for you to unground me and I am sorry I bunked off school today. But this one isn't a sorry letter, it's a huge thank you letter and also a bit more.

You've been an amazing Mum to me now for 25 years, and I am forever grateful for having you in my life. It's funny, your my Mum, but I also see you as the sister I never had and also the best friend I could never replace. I can speak to you about anything, I can happily tell you a funny story about my sex life which happened and you'd listen and laugh. I can tell you about the latest gossip and tell me your thoughts, and I can also cry to you and you'll say 'Oh babe, come give me a cuddle'. It's like having all these different people, in just one.

You listen to me, you wiped my ass when I was young and you also come to the doctors with me when I need a smear test doing, and I've got to strip off to the doc. If I ask you to come along to something with me, you'll just come. I may have to persuade you sometimes, to get out of bed after a nightshift to come with me. But you always come. When I even have a check up at the dentist, you'll come and hold my toes if I'm in pain or discomfort.

When being in secondary school and I didn't want to attend History lessons anymore. I'd be a pain in the ass and refuse to go to school. However, you made a meeting with the head teacher, and I no longer had to attend that class. I was unhappy, and you helped me.

When I no longer wanted to attend college anymore, after paying for the equipment of Beauty. You understood and agreed Beauty wasn't in my future career path.

When I told you I couldn't allow my friend Lee over on Valentines day, as it was wrong and I didn't see him like that. You told me not to be a bitch and I should go for it. Now I've been happily with him for six years and we're in the process of buying a house together.

My life felt like it was crushed when you and Dad broke up. Totally crushed, I forgot in those moments about how much you're life felt crushed too. I didn't stop thinking about how you were feeling, but you being the one who went through it all - you didn't stop caring and worrying about me. You never stopped being the shoulder I could cry on throughout it all, when really it should have been you crying on mine. You never stopped asking if I'm ok and worrying how I was feeling, when the only person who everyone should have been worrying about was you. Things weren't rational between you two, but you were the one who was going through the heartache, but you never put yourself first.
However, I'm glad you've started to put yourself first now. New relationship, and a new start soon to begin for you. When I move out, you're life will start again. Just you, and focusing on you. I am really happy for you Ma, and I am so glad you're happy again. When I saw you sad and telling me you're not interested in those dating websites, I was worried to ever think of leaving home. Now, I can happily leave and know you'd still be round for a cuppa every other day. But also knowing you aren't alone. The same would go for Dad, you know me. I don't like the thought of any of my family being alone.

But Mum, you're honestly such an incredible human being. I think you're totally incredible and at times invincible. You don't take no shit anymore, you focus on yourself and also say what you think and what suits you best. The best way to be. You're a total bad ass now, not taking shit from anyone and also not allowing others to disrespect you. If anyone tells you different, then just remember I think you're invincible. (I've never used that word on you before, Lol.)

Thank you for everything you do, and thank you in advance for all the other times you'll be coming to hold my hand in the dentist, and also for holding my hand when I'm having a baby one day. Even when I'm 40 years old, I'd still be taking you along to have my teeth checked. (I ain't even kidding you, and I'm sure you believe me on that one.)

I'll always need you, whether I'm under your roof or my own. I'd never not need you. Also I'd never stop being thankful for everything.

I wanted to write you a letter, but sending you the link to this blog post I thought it'll be a little better. (I can always print it off and add it your envelop.)

Love you millions and your my Beyoncé. My Queen.

(P.S - stop being so surprised that brands want to work with me, support me you pig cow and join me on this fun journey. I'll even give you bits when I get new beauty in.)


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