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5 Things That Make Me A Bad Blogger / Instagrammer

FYI, I don't actually think any of these make me a bad blogger / instagrammer. I just wanted to tie you all in to reading this as this is 5 things that make me FEEL like I am a bad one.

I have two cameras, but I only ever use my iPhone for outfit photos. I don't even know how to use my cameras for outfit shots in fact. All I know is how to take photos of make up and fashion accessories with my cameras, and selfies. I'm totally rubbish. I have never sat down and actually self-taught myself, which I think a lot of bloggers do when they get themselves a new camera. I've never tried, and to be honest - the thought of learning just puts me off straight away. I think an iPhone is a whole lot easier to whack out for that ' instagram photo ' and also, our phones are just as good as our cameras these days.

I've had my fair share of going to events, but I've never walked away being excited for my next opportunity. I love meeting new people and also the people behind the brands and events, but I also find them so overwhelming I forget to enjoy myself. I'm socially awkward. When it comes to people I don't know, I'm rubbish at speaking and I get anxious. We're all there for the same reasons, but sometimes I feel like they become a bit like a competition. Everyones getting the same photo in front of the same flower wall, and it's "Ohh who can get the photo up the quickest." If you're the late to the party with uploading, then it's more likely less people will interact as they've already seen hundreds of photos already like it. I do enjoy those events which include panels though. You listen to other bloggers, possibly an inspiration to you, and you learn. No talking, you just listen and watch. Those I don't mind. But I never feel the urge to put myself out there to go to the next event. 

I don't get sent any outfits, no. Well - up until now. But before, I've never worked with a single fashion brand. Also, I never just buy for the sake of it. I like to buy what I truly love, and items that I can restyle over and over again. I do feel like my Instagram is a little repetitive, however it's the best I can do. Sometimes it's about the caption.

I mean, I would bloody love to. I'd love to fill my instagram with high quality photos, and photos that include other backgrounds other than bushes, the same walls and my bedroom mirror. However, I don't have the money, I don't want to travel and I also wouldn't know where to start when it comes to meeting them. I'd be like a kid at their school play getting stage fright. My partner takes my photos, we go out every weekend, both Saturday and Sunday. We go down the same road (80% of the time), take a couple of snaps here and there. (Down that same road.) Get in the car, if we like. Good. If we don't like. We'll try again. I'll then either have a different top in the back of the car to change into, with another pair of shoes, maybe a jacket too if I'm going for it. Or I go back home and get changed and maybe go somewhere different. That is how much of an expert I am, at nailing this Instagram/Blogger type of gal. 

Wanna know how I edit my photos? I favourite the photos I like most out of the 100 my partner has taken. I select them all onto my Lightroom mobile app. I use the same edit every single time. My preset isn't my own. I purchased a handful off Helene In Between. She has a few styles to choose from, and I downloaded them onto my app. You do pay for these, but I use the same one every time. Totally worth the money. If you're interested - click here
A lot of bloggers have created their own, but once again. I would have no idea where to start, so I'm lazy and bought someone else's presets and it works good enough for me.

A few things you have learned from me.. 

You don't need a fancy camera for photos, your iPhone is good enough. Buying presets is a whole lot easier than fiddling around trying to create your own. You don't have to go out and spend £500 at H&M, New Look and Zara to be the best out there. Blogging events aren't all that. 

(BTW all photos taken on iPhone, and edited with the same preset. Down the same road.)



  1. You take all of your outfit photos on your phone?! The quality always looks so good that I just assumed you used a camera! My last blogging event put me off them too, it was just a bit much. Great post xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. Love this post Tay! I don't have many outfits to shoot either but that's why your content and style is always a favourite as it's much more real. I always take my photos myself with a tripod which can be tricky when it comes to self portraits but I feel much more comfortable that way as there is no one in front of me watching haha. Your photos always turn out fab though, would never guess they were taken on a phone! The quality on phones are so good these days xx

    Amelia |


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