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Photo Diary Of What Didn't Make Instagram : April

April should be full of chocolate for Easter, but I was just here for the hot cross buns ~ NGL. Forget the bunny, someone give me a hot cross bun man.( Preferably a hot one too.) April has granted me with putting an offer on a house and being accepted, it's given me inspiration to blog a little more than expected, it's allowed me to fall in love with running again. I've joined the gym but also ditched the gym as I prefer running and listening to the world rather than someone panting on a machine next to me. (Or that could be the sound of myself that creates that awful sound.)
I've also learnt a lot in April to do with many of things, and I feel like if this whole house business goes down well, it's certainly the beginning of a new chapter for me. Not only for my partner and I, but for myself. I needed this more than the world.

So I'm just going to share many of photos below, which didn't reach the gram..

 ~ When Mumma Mel comes home and she buys you some Tulips. (Some of you may know very well that they aren't doing so well. Lol. I'm rubbish with plants/flowers.) Aren't we all though? ~

~ Weekends at the pubs with friends and family ~

~ I truly swear by this quote this month ~

~ You need a some H&M joggers in your life. Only £9.99 too ~

~ Taking photos and playing around with a cool app called Huji. ~

~ I secretly hate people taking my photos, even more so when the Mr doesn't tell me if they're any good or not. Or whether the lighting is very good, or whether I look as fat as I feel after eating a burger big enough for two. ~

~ Shooting outfits and waiting for people to walk on by so we can use my favourite wall for photos. Lol. Typical. ~

 ~ Bank holiday Monday spent at Winchester, strolling through the streets. Dipping in and out of coffee shops and eating the best burger ever at Pitcher & Piano. (I highly recommend you go there.) ~

~ Lastly, I squeezed back into this old skirt, Slimming world helped me do this. I'm a whole lot happier, but still got a few lbs I want to loose to feel better in the clothing size I am. I've got two big wedding's coming up this year. I need to look good. 
P.S Soz about the socks, I was happy with this and I had to share it with you. ~


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