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You, as reader are probably a little bit like me in some way.

We love think pieces of writing, which is also relatable.
We also may have in common things for books.
I never use to be a reader myself, but that's something I'm introducing to my 2019.


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dear diary / entry two

Date : Monday 15th April 2019
Time : 16.06pm
Location : Home @ dining table.
Dear diary, 
I am currently trying this out by writing beforehand, instead of going straight off the laptop. I have Lewis Capaldi, someone you love playing on youtube. I have a can of Sprite to the side of me and it's came to my attention : what's better, sprite or Fanta? Today has been a very 'cba' Monday. I did my morning run and it's totally wiped me out for the rest of today. I need to start getting reasonable nights sleep, I'm not 15 anymore with the only worry of 'having enough time to do my make up before school to impress Jack.' I don't even bother with makeup for work now, so I have more time in the mornings. Talking about work, I want change. I love working for my Dad and everyone else, but I need to start something new and what I love. I'm talking fashion. I'm talking not wishing for the weekend to hurry along. That's all I ever do these days. Wishing for Friday when it's only hit 10.02am on  a Monday morning, and realising I've only been in for two minutes. 
I need a change, and change is exciting instead of daunting.

Date : Tuesday 16th April 2019 
Time :  18.41pm
Location :  Bath tub, (my favourite place)
Dear diary, shower or bath may you ask? Yes bath. No I am not lead out with a pen and paper to hand. I'm not that silly. I'm typing on my notes on my iPhone. Something else I'm going to start doing. I've got the water running, burning my toes in fact. The candle is lit and I've got my book ready. I'm currently reading A Women Of War If you're a fan of the Tattooist of Aushwich ~ you'd be a fan of this too. Tesco for just £2.99. Today has been pretty quick, which is good going as it's bank holiday weekend coming up. I've got plans made and even outfit choices too. We've heard no more about the house, still waiting to hear when the home owners have found a property. I hate all the waiting, I've pinned a million things to my kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and details boards on Pinterest. I have issues still, issues that I can't really speak about on here. But the issues don't necessarily lie with me. They involved me before I even knew I was part of it. I'm just very much fed up of this underlying issue and I'm ready to brush it under the carpet. But I'm feeling good and have't got much to report so I'm going to put my phone down, and zone into a few chapters and shave my legs. 20 degrees this weekend, my legs are coming out! 

Date : Wednesday 17th April 2019
Time : 20.52pm
Location : Dads house. Sofa.
Dear diary, I'm coming straight to you from the tip of my fingers on the keyboard. I've left it late to speak to you, so I'm just going to go with it. (This once.) Lee is watching Liverpool play and I'm quite happy here doing my own thing. Laptop, nosing at H&M and dipping in and out of my book. I have a new book coming in the post tomorrow which I'm very excited to read. I think it's going to a popular one. (It is being released tomorrow.) It's fake Friday tomorrow, bank holiday weekend will finally be here. I'm so excited for this weekend. I don't know if I already told you this all important information? I'm planning to stay away from uploading to Instagram and just focus on having a really good time with Lee, friends and family. That's what these long weekends are for right? I, of course will still be snapping some outfit photos. That's just part of our weekends now. Lol. Soz Lee. I'm feeling a lot happier. I feel happy to say it too. Chow.x
Date : Thursday 18th April 2019
Time : 19.40pm
Location : Dining table @ home

Dear diary, I'm feeling like I've got my sh** together. I've waxed my lip, (mouth lips), I've fake tanned my legs and I'm so ready for this long weekend. Sorry to repeat myself for the millionth time. Lee is cooking fajitas for dinner tonight and I've got a Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime to one side. We've got Alexa playing, and I'm feeling pretty good inside. My head feels like it's back to normal. Although a phone call I received about forty minutes ago, could have took a toll on me. However, I've taught myself to put it to one side and deal with it at a later time. That's how I deal with my things. I'll deal with it later. I've got a message on my phone from a friend, she messaged me around 2pm and I've just left it. I'll get back to her, but sometimes I don't want to deal with things there and then. That's just how I deal with it. We're having a night without phones this evening which makes me really happy. I love just having a proper conversation. We all ge so caught up in our phones and what's the latest on our feeds, we forget how to properly interact. So the plan tonight is, no phones, David Attenborough, fajitas, a couple of ciders and more good TV. It's Friday tomorrow so I'm going to leave this weeks entries here and enjoy my time away from work and Instagram.(Maybe, we can never promise ourselves how long we'll stay away.) So peace out. Have a fab weekend pals <3
P.S we have nachos too. Whose starting the long weekend right?


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