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We also may have in common things for books.
I never use to be a reader myself, but that's something I'm introducing to my 2019.


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dear diary / entry three

Date : Monday 22nd April 2019
Time : 08.17am
Location : At home, bed.
Dear diary, it's the final day for Easter bank holiday weekend. It went super quick, and I'm pretty slumped about the whole idea of going back to work. Families all seem to get together on Easter itself,  but mine? We haven't got altogether in ages. Pretty sad, but meh. I'm feeling pretty knackered this morning, I've got my morning brew in hand. I need to head into town today, I got bits I need to get. It seems today is the last day of this beautiful weather we've been getting too, so i want to get in town and straight back out again. Maybe go sit down by the water or something, with a picnic or a £3 meal deal. <3
Date : Wednesday 24th April 2019
Time : 07.53am
Location : At home, dining table.
Dear diary, this morning I got up and done my first dvd workout in such a long time. I use to be so obsessed with the dvd, but not in a bad way. I just use to love waking up, working out and feeling pretty refreshed for the day ahead. I want to get back to that, but this morning was a real struggle with getting out of bed. I just wanted to sleep some more and dream about more hot cross buns, all those flavours I didn't get round to trying out this weekend. I feel like I'm failing at the moment, there's stuff going on within the 'buying a house' and also I feel as if there's weight on my shoulders and I'm not too sure why. I mean, I feel like it could be a number of things. I just don't know what. But, I best drink my morning brew and get myself together for work as I don't want to be late! 
Date : Thursday 25th April 2019
Time : 21.11pm
Location : Sofa @ home.
Dear diary, I'm feeling pretty good. *** was good, so I'm good. (NGL, soz for those of you that thought that was too much and I'm even more sorry if you're a family member.) Maybe don't read my blog if you are family. I'm feeling really really good, because one of my closest friends. (I've known her from the age of five, maybe?) She's just said yes! My heart is feeling very full, and I'm overly happy for them both. It's amazing what's round the corner. Isn't love just such a wonderful feeling? I'm sorry if this is too cheesy, but when you suddenly feel the love around you and within you ~ it's a pretty good feeling. I am starting to feel like I love myself too, not being so hard on yourself is a lot more better than slating yourself. It's a better feeling. Love is something that can either make you or break you. Because I am feeling so high, I hope you are too. Soz, g2g I have to check whether we have enough milk before Mumma Mel asks me again. See ya FRIDAY. <3 
Date : Friday 26th April 2019
Time : 22.46pm
Location : At home, bed.
Dear diary, what a fricking day. (A good day, that is.) We've had good news on the house, I've seen Emily, we went into town, I didn't buy clothes and I had fajitas and Krispy Kremes. I'm feeling as good as yesterday and I also am feeling open to let more friends join me on this whole Instagram journey. When I first started blogging, I blocked all of those people from school and after. I was embarrassed, but I loved starting up my whole blog/instagram thing. That's exactly what it was when I first started. A thing, a hobby, something that helped me escape problems and also something that I loved doing. However, I thought those *friends* would judge me. Take the piss out of me. I mean some did, so that is why I blocked those fuckers in the first place. Now, I've allowed them back in - whether they want to follow me back or not. Give it another try, I mean - it's more followers coming my way if they do. They probably just want to be nosy, but let's ~ let them. Fuck it. Fuck what others think, fuck it. 


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