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5 Top Tips I Learned From How To Be A Grown Up By Daisy Buchanan

Considering this is my first book that I've picked up this year and read it till the end without being on holiday, is a sign in itself. Never have I ever, (oops that rings a bell) read a book where I actually felt like highlighting different points as I was going along. Basically the idea was to highlight them, and then go back when I needed telling about how to be a grown up. I'm classed as an adult at 25 years old, and I still don't fully understand how to act 'grown up'.

1. How to love myself & feel more confident | Learn to work with the body that you have got and go from there, instead of hoping that looking in the mirror 'this time round' will give you the reflection of the girl you just stalked on Instagram. Ignoring sizes on clothing doesn't define you in anyway. It doesn't matter if it's got size 24 or size 4 on the tag. I like to remind myself that I can be three different sizes in the same shop, on the same day. Sometimes I also like to take time and carefully apply my make up which makes me feel even better. Like Daisy ~ she likes to apply her favourite scented body lotion (I'm jealous because hello eczema won't allow me) and just enjoying how soft her skin feels.

2. How to be healthy ~ mind and body | Doing positive things can be more important than you think. Just by eating your recommend 'five a day' or more, reading a few chapters or one, dancing to the radio or the all important Alexa. Even having a bubble bath or a shower where you just stand directly under the running water and take in how it's trickling down your body. I've started to put my phone away on week day evenings. Since reading how Daisy puts her phone on airplane mode between 10pm til 7am to get some down time, really stood out to me. I feel pressured to keep up with social media and reply to text messages as I'm sat down, relaxing for the evening. However, relaxing never really came part of my evenings because I could never fully switch off. Like Daisy says ~ 'Twitter might be the social network that never sleeps, but I need to'.

3. Being sad doesn't mean it's a bad thing | How often are we happy compared to sad? For me, I can say at the minute it's 60/40. (40% being sad.) Writing things down can help, doesn't have to be ever read after writing - but it can release feelings and allow you to process. Going for a walk fixes quite a lot of things too. Headaches, feeling sad, time out with your fluffy pal, getting extra steps in from your Fitbit. Taking in fresh air and just focusing on the sounds and sights you have around you is as cliche as it sounds - 'a breathe of fresh air'. Plus like Daisy said, when surrounded on a field of dogs - how can you feel sad?

4. Being jealous can mean you need a bit more love | Instead of chasing achievements and trying to be at the same level as everyone else in their own lives. Sometimes you need to focus on the fact that you're just as good as them. As Daisy says 'I'm enough if I exist just as I am.' Nobody is you and that is something that will never be taken away from you either. If you find how to love yourself, you will find that people will be jealous. Confidence is key, but that doesn't mean you have to walk out of the front door ready to take on the world. It means putting on your favourite fragrance which relates to a happy, ass-kicking time, which will help hold your head a little higher.

5. Made a mistake, sleep then deal with it | This has saved me most recently. When we freak-out and make tiny breathless panics in attempt to fix the problem, it's usually better to sleep on it or to sit down with a cuppa and a whole pack of custard creams. (Daisy says Hob Nobs, but I'm a sucker for custard creams.) When making mistakes too, tell someone straight away. You may not tell the person who could potentially tell you off. Instead, tell your Mum because if anything at the age of 25 the only person who can tell you off for making a mistake is your Mum. And 90% of the time, your Mums always right. They tell you from the age of five that they are, which sadly means they still are at twenty five. And probably at fifty five too.



  1. I love this so much, I might need to get it - it sounds right up my street!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. It sounds as though this book really has made some positive changes to your outlook on life x


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