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What I've Learned In My Mid Twenties

You've probably seen every Tom, Dick and Harry writing posts like this. I certainly have, but I'm also hoping you'll choose to carry on reading. It's some serious crap, but I've got a bit of wittiness to share.

Mid Twenties sounds a little daunting to me, I swear I tell people I am 23 still. I swear age doesn't matter anymore when you get older, and birthdays get less fun and joyful. As long as I've got a mixture of going away for it, a night down the local pub and also down time. That's my birthday in a nutshell of what i'd want. Just any excuse to see friends, go away and be totally lazy if i want to.

1. Shaving isn't kept on top of.  Being young you'd shave the most stupidest parts of your body. Arms, fluffy facial hair, even your upper lip when nothing was there. Now you're forever needing to keep on top of that. But also sometimes - i try to wing it. The worry of seeing my mustache in direct sunlight can be bothering, or it can be 'oh fuck it'. Arm hair? I'm human, we have hair everywhere. Fluffy facial hair? Just forget it.

2. Friends not texting back isn't a bad thing. I am very much that person who is getting longer and longer to reply to messages. If friends don't text me back, no problem. If i don't text friends back i see it as no problem either. Most of the time, well 90% of the time i open messages whilst doing things. Just before I drive off, whilst the adverts are playing and so on. I forget that I've even received that text, and i'd like to think my friends and family know me by now. Life gets in the way. I'll reply later on, but if you see that I've read it the minute after you sent it - it doesn't mean i'm being ignorant. I'm just lazy at texting.

3. Discount codes are a must. Fancy Prezzo tonight? Check the deals first, and also check Bella Italia. Then we will make that all important decision.

4. Chats with friends have become more experienced. Your usual chat at the beginning of relationships start off with going from first to second base and actually having sex. Never gave too much detail, but you'd chat. Now it's about hearing what new sex toys your friends have tried out. Talking things sex isn't such a cringe moment and buying isn't so shameful.

5. Exercising isn't such a chore anymore. Remember those days of P.E and you'd fake a letter from your Mum giving reasons why you won't be joining in on class.( I can't be the only one.) Now i go to the gym out of choice and for some 'me' time. I go on runs and look forward to that good feeling afterwards, even when i don't feel up to it at the beginning. Walking to the shop in the morning is refreshing and not a chore to pick up a pint of milk.

6. Nights in is out of choice, than being grounded. A night in with your friends watching films, doing face masks and even a glass of red is much more appealing than heading into town. Or even more, the pub is better than heading out of the way to the clubs. You can walk home and even stop off at the kebab van, winning right?.

7. Buying sanitary towels, lube, pregnancy tests and so on - isn't so embarrassing. 

8. Sleep is in actual fact - important. How i ever spent my evenings doing an 'all nighter' is beyond me. I can't even stay up to watch The Voice till the end without feeling the need to nod off. Getting eight hours a night is a total win win for me, but most of the time it's around 6 hours and i feel like total shit in the mornings. But i actually need sleep to feel human. How Mothers have less than six hours sleep due to their little bubbas are an inspiration to me.

9. Adult life never gets any easier. You thought school was difficult from 8.30am start to 2.30pm finish. Most of the time after school i'd be the lazy teenager. Spending hours on MSN and watching Zoe 101. Adult life you get up - work out, go to work, run errands, maybe pick up something for dinner, cook dinner, shower, sit on the sofa for an hour or two and head to bed. I find that shit difficult, i'll need a nanny and a cook when i have children. Any recommendations? Lol.

10. Getting your vagina out to nurses and doctors isn't so intimidating. No, just because your a doctor/nurse doesn't mean i'll give you a flash. Smear tests is something that i've always dreaded having but to be honest, it's done in five minutes and that includes stripping off and getting my jeans back up over my ass. The nurse makes you feel comfortable, and mine even had a chat with me about Nandos.

11. Getting rid of things that make you feel utterly crap is a whole lot better than holding on for change. Whether that's friends that make you feel uncomfortable, ex boyfriends that you thought were the 'one' and even those make up wipes. None of good for the mind, confidence and skin. You'll feel so much better without it, even if it's difficult at first.

12. Alone time is sometimes the best self-care. We spend so much of our time finding out about others, and hearing about others that we forget about ourselves. Friends need relationship advise, dramas going on within the family, busy with day to day life ~ don't forget about yourself.

13. A day started without that morning brew, can end as a bad day. 

14. I'll never fully understand everything 'buying a house' terms. Buying your first time house is so daunting, because hello i know eff all about it. Stamp duty you say? I will never understand. Just like i still don't understand how to work out a percentage of something. New Look have 20% off?! Let me just use my calculator first.

15. If you can't stop thinking about that trench coat, then you'll probably going to buy it tomorrow. Whether you find yourself a discount code or not. That treat yourself motto doesn't ever go away. Ever.

16. When your relationship with your partner hits four years. You both turn absolutely bonkers. (Not bonkers that bonk in bed 24/7, crazy bonkers.) The stupid shit you get up to, you'd never act around friends or even family. Neither would you have done the shit you do now with old ex boyfriends. They'd never understand your craziness and very high weirdness.

17. Saying no to social events isn't a crime. If you don't feel like it, or you simply don't want to. Don't go. Stay indoors or do something else instead. No one should tell you to come over and over again until you do. Also it shouldn't matter if you'd rather go and do something else. Not everything is for everyone.

18. Trust your gut 99% of the time. Like i just did. I was 99% sure there was a '%' sign on my keyboard and i just spent five minutes wondering if i am right. It shows - i was 100% right.

19. Washing your hair once a week is completely normal. You care less, dry shampoo is always on offer in the shops and hair up is sometimes better in the horrific wind and rain. Even on a warmer day in the summer, hair up feels like you can breathe more.

20. If a friendship is worth cherishing, it shouldn't seem like a chore to keep it up. It feels like a chore? Get rid. Stop texting back, add distance and soon you'll feel better for it.

21. Compare yourself only to you. Even if it's yourself last year or as a teenager. Never compare to others, otherwise you'll never be happy. You'll stay a lot happier comparing only to you. Social media is brutal for making you compare others to you, but you'll beat yourself up and never feel happy.

22. Vodka gets stronger. Ok, it may only apply to me. But i have to start with a weak vodka and coke, and add more as i go on throughout the night. At the end i'll be shotting it like i can totally handle it.

23. Take things less personal. Someone wants to criticize your outfit? F them i say. You probably wouldn't take on their advice, so don't listen to their opinions either.

24. Men care less about stretch marks and cellulite. They may slate it when your in your teen years, they were young. Totally clueless what a real women looks like. They have no idea about this as the models they'd bash over never had a single stretch mark insight. They were as immature as us girls who'd repeatedly tell them they have small dicks.

25. Saving money isn't as shit as it feels. I said before about treating yourself, you still can but also save at the same time. Saving money will give you many of things. A house, freedom and also a future. *Cliche, i know soz.* But with all this housing bullshit and with house prices going up and then down to interest rates going up and then down. You'll thank yourself for saving, even if you have no clue what goes into buying a house accept itself and the stuff that goes inside it.



  1. I love all of these so much, I love sleeping, I love nights in, who am I? 15 year old me would be horrified now lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. I love this so much! I love nights in and absolutely love the gym. If my PE hating self could see me now I think they would be shocked! xx

    Jessie |

  3. I love this post! And completely agree with everything. Vodka definitely gets stronger����



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