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I don’t know how to start this and my mind is too frazzled from this headache then to actually think. I’ve got dinner cooking and plenty of snacks I am diving into to, because I can’t do with 55 minutes of waiting. This weekend has been full of seeing family, and to be honest I am totally knackered. But hey – let’s get down to it and catch up.

This week.

This week has been super busy at work, and I was so ready for a relaxed and chilled weekend. But that didn’t really go to plan. We had friends over on Friday night and we had fajitas, cheese cake and wine. There was no phones, and it’s amazing how much of a conversation you have with someone/people when there’s no phones at the table. There’s no fancy event this week, but I have had a weekend of friends and family which makes it so worth removing yourself away from the social media. It’s so important to have that break into the real world, and having friends over for drinks and dinner was perfect. Especially when we also started our Sunday morning with the most amazing breakfast. The menu had so much to choose from, even from me being a veggie now. The Little Bay in Warsash is a must for breakfast if you’re in the Southampton area. RECOMMEND.

Fast fashion. *Hot topic right now*

We’re all speaking about it right? Stacey Dooley is the girl that has everyone speaking about fast fashion. I’m always guilty of being that girl that ‘needs’ a new outfit every night out. I’m that girl that likes to treat myself to another new top that isn’t needed, or another pair of trousers that won’t go with much. I’m sure we are all guilty for shopping for no reason at all. Just fancied treating ourselves, and thought a whole new outfit would be reasonable. Truth be told, with this documentary, it’s changed the way I’m going to be buying.

I won’t feel the need to buy another new black tee, when I already have five. I’ll only be buying pieces I can rewear again, and again. When it comes to a night out, I will just go through my wardrobe and see what I already have. I didn’t realise how much fashion is ruining the world. I would have never put fashion at the top of the list, compared to everything else that is apparently killing the world. We are forever reminded about plastic, and how much it’s ruining our environments. Daily reminded in fact, but with fashion – no idea. Unless we are told, we will never know.

Stacey Dooley done an amazing job for showing us the real world with fashion. If you haven’t already watched this documentary then you can find it on BBC iplayer. There’s also a documentary on Netflix which is a must watch too.

Make up I am loving right now.

Make up, I forever felt like I ‘needed’ something but I just wanted it. Now, I like to stick to what I’ve got and what I like. So at the moment I am still using the IT Cosmetics CC Cream. It’s amazing and I wrote all about it here. I’ve also been loving some pieces from the new Pixi collection. So there is the Pixi Glow cake which is a ombre blush. I have the shade pink Champagne glow, it’s a gorgeous subtle blush and gives a gorgeous glow. It acts like a blush and highlight at the same time. I’ve also been loving the Pixi liquid fairy lights glimmer shadows. I have the shade bare brilliance, and I want the whole collection, the pigment is INSANE. Long lasting, and you can either wear them over eye shadow to highlight the inner corners, or all over. These are going to my Christmas must have eye shadows, move over Stila – Pixi has popped.

Skincare wishlist.

I hope you’ve all had a fab week.

T. x



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  1. Erin
    October 24, 2018 / 11:45 pm

    I cannot stop thinking about the fast fashion programme either it has really made me consider what I am buying now! I think I will try to limit what I am buying now! I love the it cosmetics CC cream too!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

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