10 Self Care Tips I’ve Added Into My Day To Day Life

Self Care Tips

Self Care Tips

When it comes to self care, I think it’s a pretty important thing. Whether you treat your skin to a facial or just sit down and read a book, I think there’s always time for it. You are forever pushing your own needs to the side for other people. I find that I’m one of those who do a lot for other people, but not necessarily do enough for myself.

Although saying that, as time has got on and my social life has become non existent ~ I have plenty of time to allow myself some self care. Everyday I treat my skin to good skincare, I try and sit down and read a new chapter every evening. I like to go the gym to release any mental problems, and I also like to order myself a takeaway when it’s my time of the month. (Along with chocolate and tea & biscuits.)

So here’s what I’ve added into my day to day lifestyle, whether that’s doing them all or just doing one a day.

Getting up early and getting out of bed | When it comes to the mornings before work, I normally let the Mister go off to work and then I get back into bed with a cuppa. However, that just makes me more tired than I already felt when waking up and also it doesn’t make me feel very prepared for work. Now I like to get up and stay up. Sitting downstairs with a cuppa watching friends and sorting out my breakfast before a working day ahead.

Going to the gym | This year, like everyone else in January – I got my gym membership. I try to make myself go three times a week as it really does help me physically but most of all ~ mentally. Not only do I like to get in the gym, but I also like to attend Body Pump which is a fitness class every Saturday.

Having a bubble bath | I like to treat myself to a bath every evening after work. I like to come home and that’s my time to relax and take time for myself. (Unless i’m busy with plans.) A lot of the time I have a bath which is sponsored by Lush, but if I don’t even have any bathbombs – I’d just use anything like Shower Gel to create bubbles.

Journalling | I haven’t written in a Journal/Diary in such a long time. The last time I can remember is when my parents broke up – I  used my journal as somewhere I could just release any emotions and any thoughts to. I didn’t want to share them with anybody and I just wanted somewhere I could pour my heart out too. However, recently I haven’t been Journalling as much but I have been keeping my own type of Bullet Journal. Where I like to write out quotes on each page, along with my blogging work and anything that’s relative to me. Taking time out to sit and write is always calming and relaxing, also it’s something I’ve been really enjoying.

Declutter | There is nothing more challenging then deciding to go through your clothes/draws/shoes to declutter and through away. It’s getting started that’s really bothering, but there’s no better feeling than throwing away a good amount of crap. Don’t just throw it away though, clothes can go to charity shops or to clothes banks. I know recently TKMAXX and other stores have been taking in good clothes and shoes for vouchers or money too which is always a winner. Don’t just throw clothes though, they can always be loved by somebody else. The same goes with anything you might class as crap – someone could find they really need/want. You’ve got Depop to sell on, and also your local Facebook page where they sell bits and bobs.

Cooking something delicious | When the weekend comes, I like to treat myself to some delicious dinner. The mister and I normally go for Fajita’s Fridays, and go out for something for the Saturday night. We love our food, and we love treating ourselves to delicious dishes.

Face mask | Every week I like to give my skin the love and attention it needs. I don’t like doing it more than once a week, so my skin doesn’t get clogged up along with my skincare routine. It’s normally every Saturday morning, but if I’m in a rush – I leave it until Sunday evening. If it’s Saturday morning I like to go for a hydrating mask for my day ahead, or a Sunday evening I just wing it and go for any in my maskie stash.

Seeing friends | There is nothing better than seeing friends, which you haven’t seen in a while. It’s from catching up with them, telling them about your life and all just getting together. I see my friends all at different times where life gets in the way, but it’s all about them moments where you can all get together at the same time. Those moments are the special ones.

Listening to a pod cast/Reading a book | Something new I’ve introduced into my life. Reading/listening. I’m currently on my first read of the year right now, and I’m really enjoying it. It’s the book that everyone is talking about : Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine. I will have to get some more books for when I’ve finished – so any recommendations throw them my way. I’ve also been enjoying listening to Keeping It Candid with Sophie & Millie. You have topics : Instagram, Blogging and Healthy diets so far. I’m so excited to see what else they bring to the table.

To do lists | Whether I’m ticking off numerous of things off my to-do list or even just adding some bits that I’ve already done to make myself feel better – it makes me feel so good. When it comes to blogging and everyday life/work – sometimes a to do list is a must have. I find myself more organised and at the end of it all, I feel like I’ve succeeded. Or even shopping lists does the trick, I know I’ve got everything I need and left everything I don’t need on the shelfs. *All the pastry cakes and chocolate.*


Have you added any self care into your daily lives?





  1. March 4, 2018 / 9:58 am

    This post literally nails everything I do to practise self love. I love going to the gym, or getting out and meeting people. I also am such a “list person” – I always have a to-do list to get through haha. Great post lovely! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    • taylor
      March 5, 2018 / 9:52 pm

      Oh I love a good list! There’s nothing better than ticking off everything as you feel so much better for it. Plus, you get to see how much you’ve actually done! Thank you for reading lovely <3 xx

  2. March 6, 2018 / 1:27 am

    I love sitting on my own and reading, or chilling with a face mask. It’s so important to take some me time.

    Sarah | fromsarahlex.com <3

    • taylor
      April 23, 2018 / 12:46 pm

      Couldn’t agree with you anymore!xx

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