A Lush Christmas Haul

I know you would have seen a 1000 of these posts already, but I just had to make it to 1001 posts. I’ve picked up a massive range of products, I think as I normally go for bath bombs only but I’ve decided to add a little twist to this haul.

I use lush products all year round, like all you lushie lovers but winter is a must. Pamper time in the bath after a cold frosty day, is the perfect way to finish it off. There are some total must haves when it comes to the Christmas collection, but also some outside of the box.

Bath Bombs

Christmas Sweater | This is the perfect scent of bath for Christmas. It has the scent of Christmas to a T. It’s spicy which has a touch of ginger, lemon oil, and mustard which makes you become automatically in the Christmas spirit. It’s really up there in the collection for getting the scent and detail right.

Snow Fairy | So this one is a jelly bomb, which really makes your skin feel amazing after. It also makes your bath pretty slippery, so just be careful on that note. Snow fairy is one of my favourites, as it’s always been in my hauls around the winter months. It’s a sweet scent of candy floss and fairy dust. The perfect combo.

Thundersnow | So this is a new one for me to try, which I was kindly recommended by the Lush Queen – Emily known as EmmyyMayy over on social media. So this contains peppermint, which I can totally see as refreshing. It even contains popping candy, and who didn’t love that stuff when you were a kid?

Bubble Bars

Candy Mountain | So not only is this pretty and pink, it’s also pretty sweet and I love anything thats sweet. You just crumble some of the product under running water, and wahhhlaaa. It contains vanilla which is fab, and also sodium bicarbonate for leaving your skin super soft.

Christmas Cracker | This is the most cutest little cracker I’ve ever laid eyes on. It has lime oil, cocoa butter, lemon oil and also .. wait for it .. popping candy! Your still going to be bathing with a ‘bang’ like any Christmas cracker. I cannot wait to use this as popping candy intrigues me so much within a bath product, the same goes for Thundersnow too.

Bath Oils

You’ve Been Mangoed | Ah I love the name! Don’t you? So this is described as a tropical lagoon which I won’t see anytime soon in the UK, but the bath tub will do! So this includes lemongrass, mango butter, lemon oil, lime oil and almond oil. Sounds divine and very tropical to me.

Dreamtime | This one sounds right up my street after a Monday working day. This includes cocoa butter, lavender oil, ginger oil, jasmine absolute – which to me sounds like the perfect product to use before a nights sleep. Lavender is a popular scent for easing off to sleep with lush, as that’s what the popular Sleepy lotion involves.

Polyamorous | This sounds like the perfect product for silky smooth skin. It includes cocoa butter, Shea butter, orange oil, violet leaf absolute. This would be so worth using after exfoliating the skin, to give it the perfect silky smooth finish.

Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment | This second of typing this has made me super excited that it’s got marshmallow included in the product name. It includes marshmallow powder, coconut oil and almond oil. Sweet baby Jesus, I need all of these and I haven’t even used it yet.


Eau Roma Water | I have never tried Lush skincare, so this product has made me super excited to try and test. First off it’s perfect for sensitive skin, which you will know is a total must with me! It includes rose water to help reduce any redness, and also lavender water to help balance and soften the skin. It’s also hydrating and softening for the skin, and I think would be the perfect morning routine product for a fresh face of make up.

Shower Gel

Snow Fairy | Of course, I’m finishing it off with another snow fairy product which is a holy grail when it comes to showering/bathing. It’s the exact same scent of the jelly bath bomb, just in a shower gel formula. It leaves my skin smelling amazing and sweet afterwards too.

That’s my haul! Have you tried any Lush products other than the bath bombs/bubble bars?
What’s your favourite?



  1. November 26, 2017 / 8:27 am

    Yasss I love Thundersnow! You picked up so many goodies. You’ll have to let me know what you think of them ♥️
    Emily-May xx

  2. November 26, 2017 / 10:47 am

    I totally need to try Snow Fairy and Thundersnow, they look amazing! I bet the scent is even better!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  3. November 27, 2017 / 10:18 pm

    Lush products are so awesome – I personally love their skincare – especially their face masks!!

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