42 Lifestyle Blog Ideas

Having a little bloggers block? Don’t know what to post about?

I might be able to help you there, I am going to try and cover everything below with Lifestyle blog ideas.

I find Lifestyle so much easier to come up with, than any other.

Let’s get to business..

1. Q&A – tell them a little about yourselves

2. What got you to start blogging? Tell them a little about your journey

3. Blogging do’s & don’ts

4. What about a post like this? Any topic?

5. Who inspires you?

6. Whose your top favourites on Instagram, this is something so worth doing – to share the love and bring more people into the lovely community

7. Travelling soon? What about your top essentials – whether that’s beauty or maybe what to keep you entertained when travelling

8. Have you achieved anything lately, whether that’s to do with blogging or within your personal life.

9. Got a funny story? Share it, get the readers to know you a little more and make them laugh.

10. Struggle what to post at the end of the year, or the beginning? How about yearly goals or even monthly?! It’s a thing!

11. Got any photography tips? Whether that’s shooting bloggers or maybe even flatlays – they’re so popular!

12. The winter months are on the way. Why don’t you share how you create brighter photos?! We all struggle.

13. Are you into books? Recommend some books, do a little review! Bloggers all blog to be read, so we all obviously like to read!

14. What about a Wishlist?! Is your birthday coming up or even Christmas isn’t too far, right?! My family love it when I do these, so they can see exactly what I want!

15. What’s your favourites this month? Whether that’s beauty products, or your new favourite book. How about even food?!

16. Do you watch Netflix? What’s your favourite series that have got you hooked?

17. Been to a few favourite restaurants within the same area? People might be travelling to your city soon, give them a hand on where’s good!

18. How do you relax? Is it a little pamper, or even sitting down with a book. Share it, you might help someone end a bad day – a little better.

19. Host a giveaway, give a little something to your readers.

20. What do you get up to in a day? Share what you get up too in the life of ‘Taylor’ *For example.*

21. Share what keeps you organised with blogging or working.

22. Got a personal story, you’d like to share? Your readers might be able to relate and it can make your readers know you a little more.

23. What about a gift guide?! These are always helpful when your readers are stuck on what to buy their boyfriend/girlfriend – mum/dad – etc.

24. Fancy cooking or baking? Share the recipe and your outcome! Brownies are always a popular one, or some sort of cake/dessert.

25. Enjoy a little DIY? Share what you’ve made!

26. What about an Instagram round up? Pick some of your favourite photos/memories and share them!

27. Struggled with anything in life? For example, going through school/college/uni – share them.These type of posts seem to be quite popular for bloggers to read.

28. What would you have said to yourself at 16 years old if you knew what mistakes you went through or even what you’ve achieved? Write a letter to your younger self.

29. What’s on your phone? What’s your most favourite apps? Share them, these are always one of my favourites.

30. How do you keep up to date with your social media? What about promoting? These are a lot of struggles we all have to do when blogging, they’d be helpful tips!

31. Been to an event lately? Share your experience, and what you got up to.

32. Been shopping? Do a little haul, or even a try-on haul!

33. A bit of a foodie? Share what you eat within a day.

34. Share your morning/evening routine, whether that’s your skincare or what you do to get ready for bed/wake yourself up in the morning.

35. Any tips for shopping on a budget? Sometimes we have to restrict ourselves.

36. Got a bank holiday coming up soon? Give some idea’s on what to do.

37. What about a bucket list?! 10 Things you want to do this winter/summer?

38. Which 5 places would you like to visit within 10 years time?! Doesn’t have to be aboard, could be within your country.

39. What makes you happy? It could be the simple of things.

40. Share a playlist, or what’s your favourite podcasts.

41. Show off your work space, make it all Pinterest like.

42. Interview another blogger, get your blogging friends out there too.

That’s a round up! I hope this helps you.

I do have another post similar to this, 26 Beauty Blog Ideas.

Peace chums. <3


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