Building Your Own Beauty Box With Latest In Beauty

That’s right. You can choose up to 9 products/items with over 100 to choose from. Isn’t that such a good idea?! I think it’s incredible. You always subscribe to these beauty subscriptions to always end up only liking 1/2 things inside. Half of the time, you’ve never heard of the brands or it’s something you’d never use or choose yourself. However, this way you can choose exactly what you like.

Here’s what I picked, I got 9 products and I choose from brands I want to try out or like and products that will benefit me.

First up I got the 111SKIN facial treatment mask. I’m a massive sucker for face masks and this will work perfectly for me. It’s a brighting mask and you can never have too many masks for brighting the skin and hydrating. It’s a sheet mask too, so it’s quick and easy to apply. I find that sheet masks are really relaxing too, it takes up to 20 minutes to work and that’s plenty of time to have a nice bubble bath to relax.

Next I got was a Kiko Velvet Touch Creamy Stick Blush. I’ve never tried a creamy type of blusher, I’ve always been a powder type of blusher girl. It’s the shade 04 which is quite a hot pink, however it might work perfect for holiday for a dewy look with bronzed skin. I’m intrigued to see how a creamy blush works with me.

I picked up a body wash, I thought this was a good way of having some for my holiday in a couple of weeks. I got the Maddi Alexander Serene Body Wash, I’ve never tried this brand before or heard of it. It smells very much like tea oil or lavender, and there’s a lot of lavender ingredients so if you’re not into it like me – then don’t pick this up. However, it’s body wash so I’ll get the use out of this easily. Although I have to be careful with body washes and things like this as I have real sensitive skin, and anything can just irritate it.

Something a little different from beauty or make up, I picked up this candle from The White Company in the scent Orange Grove. I mean, autumn is just round the corner right, and this scent just screams autumn! It smells like a spa as well as autumn too, so I can see this becoming a goody along with pamper time – oh including that snazzy face mask too.

For a little skincare I picked up the Omorovicza rejuvenating night cream. I’m a sucker for night creams, I just think they make your skin feel super amazing the morning after. It soaks and works it’s magic throughout you sleeping, BRILLIANT! I can’t say it smells of much, but I’ve always loved The Body Shop night cream – that doesn’t smell of much either. It’s meant to make your skin more firmer, suppler and younger looking skin.

Next I got the Burts Bees lip crayon. This is in the shade Sedona Sands (405). It’s like a nude/pink type of shade. Perfect for an everyday look. It’s 100% natural.

For the nails I picked up the Elegant Touch Express 3 Minute Manicure set. I got the colour Cornflower blue, I thought against a tan they’d look gorgeous. Once again, I’m thinking these will be handy for holiday. I’d just pick up a nail varnish in the same shade incase any ping off and I give up with them. You know fake nails, they can be hard to keep on and I’ve never tried any from this brand before. There’s no glue included, it’s just peel and place! Interesting!

I picked up a fragrance to test out. It’s the Marc Jacobs, in the scent Daisy Dream. I see a lot of people always raving about Marc Jacobs perfume, and I can’t say I’ve ever owned one or smelt them. I think this is a newish scent to their collection, I quite like the smell. It’s growing on me. Like everyone, I want to pick up a new fragrance in the airport for my holiday and what a better way to try before I buy! It’s a fruity/floral type of scent with notes of blackberry, jasmine and wisteria.

Lastly I picked up a product from the brand CowShed. It’s the blissful body lotion, and this would be such a handy moisturiser. I’ve heard such great things about CowShed, and this was my perfect opportunity to try out. I have to say this is a 100ml bottle too! It is a sweet and exotic floral blend that revives the mind and restores balance.

That’s everything I picked up for just £18. £18!!!!! Such a good price, for a great amount of products. Including the fact two of the products were 100ml bottles, and the Kiko blusher and Burts Bees lip product are both full sized.

Here’s a few more brands they have included within the ‘build your own beauty box’..

What would brand would be your first to include in the beauty box?

*This product was gifted to me but the review is my own opinion once tried and tested. *


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