Started From The Bottom – Now I’m Here

* Started from the bottom, now my whole team f***ing here.’


Yes you naughty little gems, coming to have a little read of this post.

I have never ever looked back at from where I started to right now with my photography, within blogging. I don’t have any content I can share with you, as when I decided to get well back into blogging – I removed all old content.

However, I can show you the photos from when I first started to where I am right now. You’ll all know what my photography is like now, if ya’ll follow me on Instagram.

Please prepare yourself for the cringe, but here we go..

This is where I started off..

I can personally say myself, without sounding big headed in any way – my photography has got better and so has my fricking flatlays. I’ve never ever looked back on my photos before, and it’s given me a little more motivation you know.

As you can see props become a big thing with blogging and creating flatlays. They’ve always been included in my photos, right from the beginning.

Here’s some prop idea’s which may help!

Coloured Card / White Card

White Bedding – or any bedding. Nothing mad.

Flowers – real or artifical 

Other make up products

Fluffy rugs/pillows/blankets


Marble Adhesive 



That’s a lot of what I use within my photos. You may have something else up your sleeve that may be similar, but it’s so so worth picking up things as you go along to add to your photos. White card/colour card and bedsheets are my total favourites at the moment. A little colour to add to the feed with it being summer right now. Maybe when winter comes, the fluffiness will come out and candles. 

There’s always room for improvement when it comes to anything, and you are capable to achieve anything. I truly believe that if you put your mind to it, you’ll achieve your goals.

When I first started I had no camera to work with, I just had my iPhone 6 plus and that’s what I used. You don’t have to get the whole sha-bang when you first start up. Just use what you got, and add to it slowly throughout your time in blogging.

Have you looked back on your photography/photos? 

Would you say you’ve made a huge improvement?!

What’s your favourite blog prop to use for summer/winter?



  1. July 29, 2017 / 10:55 am

    Girl your photos are bomb now! I loved the little throwback though and seeing what they were like before, but they're actually not that bad! I've started to absolutely love props lately and just want and endless selection to choose from!

    Ellie x

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