Let’s Catch Up

So it’s the afternoon and I’m sat out in the garden with the laptop and a frozen strawberry daiquiri in reach.
So basically if your not from the UK, us British don’t see eye to eye with many weather climates. We’re always moaning about something, whether it’s rain, wind or sun. It’s a total joke to us all.
We can’t deal with it being this hot, like currently it’s nearly 30 degrees here and there’s no cold breeze in any direction.

 Do you know why we can’t deal with it?

Our homes don’t come with air con.
My car doesn’t even come with air con.

Let alone anywhere else, I just drove home from work drowning in sweat. My Calvin Klein sports bra was generally soaking wet. Totally gross, I know.

But huns, we’re friends – I can tell you these things.

Anyway, I actually wanted to come on here today and speak to you about a few things. A few things that have been bugging me. Even though, I only posted yesterday and I’m just doing my own thing of posting what I want, when I want..

I find sitting down and writing it down, just makes me feel that little better. You know?

So anyway, let me just put it in one.


Yes, the one thing we’ve all moaned about along with this heat wave. Something that is little and pathetic to our parents, but to us it’s a big deal in the blogging community. Instagram is somewhere, where I totally adore the social network.
Well I did, before oh Janet decided to fuck it all up for us. They basically want to make it hard for us, so we pay for promotion.

Yes, pay.

Is it worth it? I haven’t tried it myself but I’ve seen plenty of people do it and say it was a total waste of money and time. I mean if it’s something you’d like to give a try yourself, then go ahead and click pay but for me it’s not something I want to spend my money on when I want to move out one day in my life. (I’m 23, I don’t want to be here for another year if I’m honest. Lol.)

But how annoying is it? We can never win. We use hashtags, and then they shadow ban us.

We make insta-pod groups and they are now saying that they want to start shutting down on them and stopping from these being a thing. (However, I did see people say that a well-known blogger went to Instagram and have garenteed people this is false information.) But still….. It could happen in time to come.

I know this is a whole load of moaning, and I know you probably already know this.

However, shit me – it felt good smashing out on this keyboard to get let it all out.


Lee doesn’t quite understand. He listens, or he pretends he’s listening but he doesn’t actually G E T it.
You hear me sista?

It’s like, imagine wanting to create your own fashion brand but someone has got the same idea, but before you and have released their items before. It would be fricking annoying right? Well, this is what this is my friends. FUCKING FRUSTRATING.

Ok, it’s totally the opposite, but you know where I’m going with this.

Anyway, I’ve decided because of Instagram fucking up my blogging life. That it’s interfered with blogging, twitter – all of it. My motivation to keep going. However, I’m not quitting baby girl.

I’ve just decided to take a step back, I’m posting when I want and how many times a week or month. There’s no diary I’m going by and having posts written up by. I’m just posting when I want on Instagram. Still playing around on times to figure out the best one.

I’m just going to keep on doing me, and you see you, reading this. It’s working alright still, correct? I must be doing something ‘ ok – ish ‘ for you to be here. Even if you now to decide to click the little red button to escape this page. But still, you came here sister.

All I want to say is, keep doing you. Be you, no one else is you and that’s what’s so special about you.

Don’t try and do what other people are doing because they are sucessding, that’s probably because they’ve been in longer than you have. They’ve been on the same roads as you, but they’re just that couple steps ahead.

Just do what you gotta do sister.

Peace. I need to go indoors now, as I’m becoming a sweaty, snotty pig from this heat and hay fever. (Saying this whilst sat next to the big bush of plants and trees and sat on the grass.



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