Brunch With The SotonBloggers

So some of you might know from following on me on Instagram or Twitter that I attended the SotonBloggers Event last Saturday for a Bloggers Brunch. I was so indecisive about going but oh boy I’m so happy I went. Everyone is lovely, and the atmosphere is fab and where it took place was pretty snazzy and scrummy. So of course, if you ever visit Southampton – you need to swing by to Rouges Cafe in the City Centre for Brunch.

We all know by now, if I go for Brunch it’s always the American Pancakes for me. I rarely go out for breakfast/brunch and I never have pancakes at home so of course I’m going to get them if I’m going out my way for breakfast. Duhhh. Pancakes are the bloody bomb. However, with the pancakes I had at Rogues Cafe – I actually felt like I was still eating healthy. There were three pancakes with Greek Yogurt and Kiwi, Strawberries, Blueberries. It tasted damn diggity fine. Deeeeeeee-licious! We just sat around drinking endless juices/teas/coffees and ate Brunch, played with the doggy – I wanted to take him home he’s gorgeous!
I love get togethers like this one, everyone was super friendly and everyone is there for the same reason as you. To make blogging friends, and all to meet up and do things because we all that have that one thing in common – blogging. So if you’re based in Southampton or around Southampton that you can travel here for a few hours for a blogging event. Do it. It’s so so worth it. It’s such a fab idea and the lovely Alice created this community for bloggers and she’s done a bloody good job at it.

If you don’t live in Southampton or the surrounding areas – you could always see if there’s something similar in your town/city. It’s so worth putting yourself out there, because it does seem scary at first but every time it gets easier and easier.

I’ve added the menu down below for those who want to take a nose at what Rougues Cafe has to offer. It’s so affordable, and so delicious. Perfect for starting your day in Southampton City for shopping or anything you’re up to!

What’s your favourite dish for Brunch? 

* Photo Credit to Rouges Cafe*



    • July 7, 2017 / 11:42 am

      It was delicious! Thanks for reading <3

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