4 Huda Lip Liquid Minis I’ve Added To My Collection

Ohhhhhhh hello Monday morning. Mondays are a lot of peoples worst enemy, but I like to see it as a fresh new start and it’s time to get some blaaaady work done! However, work can bloody wait – just let me tell you about these Huda Lip Liquids.

When I visited London last with Lee, I managed to pick up a Huda Beauty Lip Liquid in the shade Huda. It’s the perfect dark-ish nude. It goes with any colour on the eyes, and it’s such a gorgeous shade. If you haven’t seen me ranting and raving about it over on my Instagram then I’d be massively surprised. When I love something, I’ll keep reminding you every so often.

I went to London last week and I knew I wanted to visit Harrods to pick up some more. I would order online, but London is just a whole lot easier. I wanted to go for more of a pink shade this time. I swatched Bombshell and Gossip Girl, I think it was. I loved them, but I thought Bombshell was quite close shade to Venus. I was literally about to pay for Gossip Girl, and then something caught my eye and I thought ‘hold up girl’. Huda Beauty do minis. Yes minis. They come in four, and they’re perfect size for when travelling or going out on a night out – so clutch perfect.

Top – Trophy Wife – Ok, this wasn’t the best swatch but it can do. I’m sure I’ll do individual swatches over on my Instagram as the time goes on. This is the darkest one out of the four in this collection, I’m not a dark shade type of girl but this is such a gorgeous, gorgeous shade. It would look fab for a night out look with dark eyes.

Gossip Girl – This is the shade I originally wanted. It’s such a gorgeous pink, but a dark pink I’d say. Perfect for coming up to summer. It looks so much more pigmented than the others especially Socialite. I cannot wait to show you more of this shade. Welcome to the collection of Taylor Jane.

Socialite – Ok, I’m not sure what happened to this swatch. Wishful thinking that this shade will apply better to the lips. However, I think this is more of a metallic. I’d love to pair this up with another one of these lip liquids. I think it would make the perfect lip combo with Gossip Girl. Whatcha think?

Bottom – Icon – This is more darker than it appears in this swatch photo. It’s a mix of red with a dark nude. Not as dark as Trophy Wife but not as light as Gossip Girl. Helpful? Probably not. However, these will all be swatched soon, I’ve got ya back.

Not going to lie, all the Huda Lip Liquids smell divine I think. They smell like candy. Not sweets, candy. They are so so SO long-lasting, I can go without applying it all day from when I leave the house to 5/6 hours down the line – it starts to fade. Not patchy/blotchy, not bitty just fades a little in tone. I honestly couldn’t recommend them enough, I haven’t seen one bad review on these lip products. I cannot wait to get my hands on more, and believe me when I say it. I will find them, I will swatch them, and I will love them. Lol.

Ok. Love you. Bye.



  1. May 11, 2017 / 9:45 pm

    These are on my wishlist! I don't have any Huda products yet but I'm planning to get these and the Rose Gold eyeshadow palette! Great post and those swatches confirm I need to buy these!!! xx

  2. May 13, 2017 / 10:26 am

    I've got the Red Edition minis and I love them. I definitely want to get this one too. Though I want trophy wife most of all!

    Lubz || http://lubzsays.com

    • May 14, 2017 / 9:02 pm

      I need to try red, I'm not a sucker for the red shades but that would be a fab way to start with the minis! <3

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