4 Free Apps You Need For Blogging

Whether you’re new to blogging or have been doing it for some time, it’s always handy knowing all about some new apps on your phone. You never can have enough apps on your phone. N E V E R.  I love reading about what apps people have on their phones, and this is why I am sharing you 3 FREE apps that you need to download if you haven’t done so already hunnies.


Snapseed was actually developed by Google, and what a good job they did. This is one editing app that I always stick by with any photo of mine. There’s so much you can do with this app. You can ‘tune image’ which I always go with, which you can brighten, adjust the contrast, saturation, ambiance, highlights, shadows and warmth. You can also adjust the sharpness and structure which I ALWAYS do. You can then brighten the photo in certain areas using the ‘selective’ option. You can add text to the images, blur the image so it’s focused on one item. You can add frames and also make your skin softer looking and etc. Really worth using, I use it for every photo for starters then if it needs a little more than I go onto the rest. 


Iconosquare is something I have recently downloaded. I actually saw this on Elly-Maes blog which made me download it. You just have to sign up first online before using the app for any of you wanting to download this. Before you do, let me tell you some more about this amazing app. It’s basically a tracker for your Instagram, that’s right. No bots, I promise. It just tells you about the followers you gain and loose daily, how many likes/comments you have received on your daily upload. (I upload daily on Instagram, come and say hi!) It also tells you all about your recent activity in the last seven days, so you can see when it’s doing good and when it’s going baaaad. It’s worth the download chums, do it. 


Oh and my favourite for being super lazy. This is your schedule for Twitter. You basically just schedule your tweets, whether you’re promoting for your blog or other social media or anything else. Whatever you fricking like. It’s so so handy and I can get two days worth of scheduling done and I don’t have to worry about it! I’d massively recommend this app, there are others that do the same so it’s worth looking around. However, this is the first app I tried like this and I haven’t swapped to another as I just love it so much. You can also reschedule tweets, so where I post three times a week I can just click reschedule and it’s waiting on the list to upload! So bloody easy! 

This is a newbie I’ve added to the editing folder on Taylor Janes iPhone. I just edit the on the Tools using the option Curve, you can just play with the brightness on the photo which is really good. I then just put an effect using Filters – then Essentials – then I always choose EVERYDAY. You can actually save the details of your editing on the app, but I only do them few steps each time to every photo.

What’s your favourite blogging apps?


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