3 Things I Learnt Going To My First Bloggers Event

Let me just start off with saying.. Happy Friday. I haven’t started a post with this sentence for such a long time but this Friday I really need it.  It’s the first weekend in the last two weeks where I can actually relax and chill out. I went to the BloggersWhoBrunch event in London on Saturday 29th April. It was really out of the blue for me, I’ve never done anything so spontaneous in my life.

I actually have been speaking to Emily for quite a long time through Instagram, and we are in a few Instapods together. Emily lives in the same home town as me, so I just thought of messaging her and seeing if she’d like to come along with me. We’ve never met, we arranged the tickets and coach and to meet Tanya there too. (Which was the first time of meeting her too!) We met up at Southampton Coach Station and headed down to London early morning. We then went to Peggys Porschen Cakes which is a total must. If you ever go to London Victoria you literally come out the station and turn right, and you’ll see the pretty pink building straight in front of you!! YOU HAVE TO GO HERE. LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS FOR BLOODY SAKE. We got a little lost on the tube, but hey-ho we weren’t no experts at it, we met Tanya and went for some brunch before the event. We then headed over and got chatting to a couple of lovely girls, we took some photos and then listened to the first talk which was Katy about Youtube. Sadly, we mucked up our coach home and realised we were going to be short for time so had to leave early. I’m looking forward to going to another event as SotonBloggers does a lot of funky events. The lovely Alice does a great range of events that I seriously need to get involved in. So I then can have something to compare it too, as it’s been such a mixture of opinions on the event! Anyhow, there’s a few things I learnt from my first blogging event I want to share with you guys.


When I left the event, I had so many ideas coming from every left, right and centre. The annoying thing is, I didn’t jot any of the ideas done. *Smart one, Tay.* However, I’m full of idea’s still. I feel like you just can pick up motivation from anywhere. Hearing conversations, visiting new places I’m just FULL of them so watch this space. I’m not going no where ‘honey’.


Ok, so you want to go to an event with someone? I went with Emily and Tanya and I still felt super fricking nervous. Not going to lie, I was totally crapping myself. We didn’t know what to expect. However, standing in a room with another 30 plus girls, we were all in the same boat. We all travelled to London (mostly) and didn’t really know anyone. Some girls turned up on their own, total hats off to them. I’d never been able to do that, we managed to get lost between the two of us – let alone on my own. I would have got off that coach, visited Peggys Cakes and gone back home with anxiety through the roof. Lol.


Maybe not quite to ten, but it’s picked up – totally. I didn’t have a lot of confidence, I mean I don’t know where I got the confidence to go in the first place but like I said in the point above – everyones in the same boat. Blogging events inspire you, you gain friends and it ups your confidence. If you ever ask someone that does attend blogging events – they’d say the same thing. You are chatting to people you have no idea about, you don’t know their backgrounds or even what their blog is about. 

What tips would you give to someone or even what advice what to expect for their first bloggers event?



  1. May 7, 2017 / 8:08 pm

    I'd love to go to a blogging event like the one you went to, it's seems like a great way to ease your way in. Blogging events always sound like such fun and I really want to meet other people with the same interests as me! Lovely post.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

    • May 8, 2017 / 7:51 pm

      Oh you so should! I am so happy I finally went to one, boosts your confidence so much and gives you inspiration too <3

    • May 8, 2017 / 7:51 pm

      Thank you lovely, thanks for reading <3

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