3 Face Masks For A Healthy Glow

Face Masks, I don’t think are raved about enough. They are the life savers to our skin, they hydrate, brighten, soften and just cure any problems in life. When a face mask is involved, it means a pampering session – what more could you want? I love to pamper myself, I think everyone should do it. It doesn’t mean you have to go big and expensive with it, all you need is bubbles, a bath, face mask and candles. Pretty cheap and simple right? You just need to relax and chill out, we all need it at some point. Just laying there in a bath of silence, with your eyes closed whilst a face mask does it’s magic. There’s nothing more therapeutic than that.


This is hands down my favourite facial mask from the body shop. It’s my absolute golden choice. Every time I use it – it makes my skin feel a million dollars. So cheesy to say, but it really does. It’s a plumping mask, so I like to use this as a morning routine – mainly on the weekends. It does my skin so many favours, and it makes my make up look flawless for the rest of the day. It moistures the skin and gives it comfort to give that dewy glow again. 


Everyones favourite this is. It’s so bloody cheap it’s a miracle. You can pick this up on deal sometimes under £1. I’ve used the mask for dehydrated skin so many times, which I absolutely adore. It’s got such a cold affect to the skin when applying it instantly feels fresh. When removing the mask, you skin appears rebalanced and your skin looks refreshed like I’ve said and also clear.


This isn’t for your whole face, this is just for the eyes. However, it’s the one place where I want my skin to look fresh and hydrated. We don’t want no dark under eye or any puffiness. This isn’t the look to go for. These are like my heroes when it comes to wanting to look more awake and fresh, and these do exactly that. They are so cooling onto the area and instantly make you feel great. The end results are just incredible, when applying make up afterwards my eyes are the centre of attention on my face. 

What’s your favourite face mask for a healthy glow?


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