So if you follow me on Instagram already, you’ll know that I’m totally obsessed with these Kylie Cosmetics that I received last week. Yes last week and I’m already letting you in on my review. I couldn’t wait, as it’s totally worth it. Although, the customs charge would have been prettier without. Anyway, the Valentines range came out and I wasn’t lucky enough to grab anything on the first go. Second time, I was on it and I knew I didn’t want to spend too much. I just wanted something that was sensible for purchasing. So I ended up with the Sweet Heart Collection.


So the Sweet Heart Palette which comes with the two shades : Love Letter & Baby. A peachy/pink and gold glitter. The perrrrfect combo coming up to the Spring/Summer months. Firstly, they are soooooo PIGMENTED! They are amazinggg. I just don’t know how else to explain them. They are long lasting and blend so well even with other shades too. So easy to work with, and when applying there’s no excess that comes off onto the skin. You can just see how gorgeous the shades are and I’m pretty chuffed I went along with these shades. I’m more of neutral kind of girl, the browns and possibly greys too. Even though you have the neutral shade Love Letter, the Baby shade is totally out of my comfort zone, but I really love it. It’s made me want to venture out with more shades I’m not use to.


So this set came with two lip liquids. You have the Matte and Gloss. Let me tell you about the Matte first. It’s in the shade Dolce K and it’s such a gorgeous shade. I know this was one of the first shades released at the beginning of Kylies Collection. I also know it was very popular, which is why I haven’t got my hands on this shade already. Like I mentioned before, I’m a very neutral shade type of girl. So Dolce K is me to a T.


So Gloss isn’t really me, but sometimes it’s good to have one for a change. A gloss can only come out when it’s not blowing a Gail outside. I cannot stand when your hair just keeps getting caught up in your lip gloss. Anyway, this gloss comes in the shade Literally. It’s a very similar shade to Dolce K but just a shade lighter or two.

Have you tried anything from the Kylie Cosmetics range?
What’s your favourite?

P.S Whose wanting the new highlighters? They look beaut.



  1. March 1, 2017 / 2:34 pm

    All of these look amazing! I would be all scared of the palette but you made such a cute look with it! Well done!

    xx Lisa

    • March 5, 2017 / 5:02 pm

      They really are! Thank you for reading <3

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