Looking for a new Subscription box? Look Fantastic has a great range of products that I’m always loving every month. There’s always the odd one which you don’t think you’ll ever reach out for but it’s so worth the money I spend on it.

So for February, the beauty box is The Runway Edition. It’s just in time for Fashion Week, everything that is included inside is everything you need to prep for the busy week coming..


This product has to be my favourite out of the five. This is amazing and let me tell you why! This a brand I’ve been recently hearing about, and people are really rating them. I haven’t came across this anywhere on any website before. I’ve just recently discovered they sell this brand on Asos. Which you can find here. It’s cheap and affordable, and I will be repurchasing this product along the side of other things too. It makes my skin feel refreshed and ready for the day. It defiantly made my skin look more alive which is perfect for adding into my morning routine. Once dried, it’s that quick and easy to start applying your make up for the day.


This is another product that I have seen everywhere. Maybe not the product individually but the brand itself, yes. I’ve always wanted to try this brand to see if the products actually seem to work. I’ve reached out to this product a couple of times, whether it’s just mentally that I feel like it works or if it actually does. You can either roll some of the product onto a tissue and inhale it in, or you can apply straight to the skin. It is infused with Eucalyptus and Lavender, it helps fight tension and insomnia. This is something that’s good to have in your handbag/purse for when you’re on the go. 


First things first, doesn’t it look like a coffee pod? I’ve seen a lot of others that are thinking this too. However, this is no coffee pod – it’s a facial mask. Not just any face mask,  it’s a mud mask! It smells like a spa, and it applies comfortably on the skin and dries hard. When first removed, it made my skin feel really good and soft, however within a couple of minutes it made me skin go red and very blotchy. I can’t say I’ll be reaching out for this again, I suffer with sensitive skin – so this could be where the problem is. If you’ve received this too and your skin is a little sensitive, then be careful! There also was no instructions to say how long to leave this facial mask on. Just apparently it’s best to use when in the bath, so the steam from the bath can open your pores and allow the mask to work it’s magic.


This is a product out of the five that I reach out to a lot. I like to use this along side my other eye care friend, The Simple Eye Balm. It’s quick and easy to use and it makes my eyes seem refreshed and awakened. You apply this by using the rollerball and apply this under the eye as well as on the lids. It helps to de-puff and decongest the eye area to eliminate dark circles and water retention. I’d recommend this to friends and family who are new to eye care products. 

I cannot say if I’m a fan of this and I’ll ever reach out for it again. I do love easy applied eye shadows, and this comes under that. I like the pencils that I’ve used previously, where as this is more of a liquid base. The shade is pretty, I’m just more to neutral tones/ browns/greys. 


This is one product that I know I won’t be reaching out for. I don’t think I’m even going to give them a try to see if there’s any improvement on my nails, hair and skin. I have used products like this before, and have never ever EVER seen a difference or change. I don’t believe that anything tablet wise works unless you’ve got a headache or need antibiotics. If these were to work and improve your hair, skin and nails instantly – we’d all be using it and they’d cost a bloody fortune for a miracle like that. However, these are meant to boost the natural appearance of your hair, skin and nails.

Does any of these products interest you?



  1. February 10, 2017 / 9:23 pm

    This looks like such a good selection of products! I'm going to get myself this moisturiser I can not believe how affordable the ordinary are and how great quality their products are!

    Great post hun!

    Stacey x

    • February 12, 2017 / 10:26 am

      I know! I'm going to get my hands on some more ordinary products. Can't wait to see what you've purchased and what your thoughts are <3

  2. February 12, 2017 / 1:50 pm

    I totally agree with the part about vitamins/supplements… I also don't believe in them but I still try them all the time haha.. didn't give up yet!

    xx Lisa

    • February 16, 2017 / 1:30 pm

      Yeah, I keep thinking about trying them as they're just sat in the box unused but I just wouldn't keep up day to day on taking them. Thank you for reading lovely <3

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