Ever struggle with products because you suffer with sensitive skin? Whether you suffer with it or not, the new Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey range is so luxurious for your skin. I’m currently sat on the sofa after a bath full of the Bath Milk and my body is smothered in the Body Lotion. I haven’t applied the Body Butter until I go up to bed to allow my skin to soak in the good. However, I have tried all these products out and will be only giving you my honest opinion.


Currently : my skin is the softest ever. It feels amazing to touch! When applied to the skin it’s totally light weight, it dries so quickly and really sinks into the skin. Do you ever have a hot bath/shower and instantly have itchy skin? This is perfect for this problem. It relieves the feeling of tightness and itchiness for sensitive/dry skin. It protects and restores the moisture for your skin. 


Just like any Butter from The Body Shop is amazing. I could cover my skin in this over and over again. Body Butters are not only such great gifts for others, but yourself too. It’s not too thick as long as you don’t apply too much to the skin. You don’t need a lot at all which is really good and that’s where these babes last a long time. I don’t feel like the scent is as strong as other Body Butters I have tried previously to this one. That’s the only downside I have to this.


My favourite out of the three. I have been loving this product over and over again. I have used this for every bath I have and believe me 99% I have a bath, it’s a total dream. It creates the perfect luxury bath we all need after a long day at work, or when we just think our bodies deserve it. (Again, 99% of the time. Lol.) I’m already half way through this too. I am repurchasing! It really soaks into your skin and makes your skin feel like a billion dollars – however cringe and ridiculous that sounds right now. (#soz.) This bath milk cleanses and soothes the skin. It also reduces the sensation of tight feeling sensitive, dry skin. 

If there was one product out of the three that I reach out for, has to be the Bath Milk. I totally love this product and will be repurchasing when they’ve released this new collection. 

Every product is 100% vegetarian and 100% cruelty free. There are no colourants mineral oil petrolatum. All made with organic almond milk. 

I just wish the products scent was a lot stronger than the body butters I have used in the past from Body Shop. The honey could have done with standing out more, but they make my skin feel totally amazing so that’s the thing I want most from these products. I’ve always found Body Shop is good with sensitive skin with every product I’ve used of theirs. This is just an added bonus that these are for the sensitive collection, which you know is good for your skin. 

Which product stands out to you most?

*Sponsored but all opinions are my own*



  1. February 12, 2017 / 1:51 pm

    TBS is always so good.. I am a huge fan of their oils of life range but will definitely put this one on my list!

    xx Lisa

  2. February 12, 2017 / 4:08 pm

    Over the years I have had a few issues with Body Shop products as my skin is uber sensitive so this is a nice addition to their product list. I might just have to give this line a go. Great post x

    • February 15, 2017 / 6:47 pm

      Oh really? That's such a shame! I suffer with really sensitive skin but I guess that's lucky if people like yourself has had a reaction! I'd really recommend the bath milk from the new range as it makes my skin feel amazing.
      Thank you for reading <3

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