Happy Monday everyone!! I’m currently in London being a total tourist so there’s going to a photo diary on that coming this Friday, so keep your eyes pealed. Packing for London was pretty difficult with which make up I needed than wanted to take. I try to limit myself so that I don’t end up packing too much, and wasting space when I could use for something else. I’ve got five beauty picks that I’m currently loving and cannot get enough of..

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on eye creams for a long time. It’s the only place on your face your skin is pretty thin. When I’m old, I know I’ll totally appreciate taking care of this area now before it’s too late. I picked up this Simple eye balm, as I’m a huge lover of Simple Skin Care. I’ve used Simple for soooo many years, that I knew this would work well with my skin. It has pro-vitamin B5 which actively restores, smoothes and softens the skin. It also has a little shea butter which nurtures and replenishes the eye area. (We all love a little shea butter!) I apply this twice a day, morning and night and just dab it into my skin using my little finger and allow it to soak in.

Oh this is bloody beautiful. I can suffer with dry lips now and then, which then turns the first layer of my skin a little flakey. We don’t like chapped lips, so this works wonders. I like to apply my Body Shop Lip Oil first to give my lips moisture, and then I apply this afterwards. I just dap my finger into the product and scrub it across my lips. It has the taste of black current too which is pretty good when you lick the excess off.

This is my go to concealer as well as highlighter. It’s a two in one which, I’d always reach out for a shade lighter or two than my foundation. You want to illuminate your eye area and everywhere else to  create a flawless look. It’s blends really well into the skin, which I use a beauty blender to do so. To apply this – there’s a soft precision brush, which is so handy and easy to apply with. It’s pretty long lasting too.

This kit only comes in two different shades which is pretty limited, however if you can match it to your brows then this is a really good one to purchase. So you have two shades to choose from in both, which you can also use as liner. However, I’ve only used this on my brows so that’s why it’s in my top picks. It comes along with a double ended brush, which I only use the angled end. I find this end of the brush, the easiest to shape my brows. It’s helpful it’s angled to create more of a natural look into your brows.

So these are pretty old shades, and I don’t think you can get these shades any longer. However, their exactly the same as the new range of shades you can purchase now. These my Mum handed to me a few weeks ago, and I totally love them! I want to get some more to add to the collection, they are so pigmented!! I have Shimmer Wash Copper Sand and Metallic Shadow Gold Dust. They blend well and you can pick these up for £18 on the Bobbi Brown website. Swatches to follow.

How’s your week?
What product is standing out to you this week?



    • March 5, 2017 / 5:02 pm

      They're so nice to wear! I'm addicted to them and really want to pick up some more. Thank you of reading gorgeous <3

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