Getting to the age of 23 now, taking care of skin is becoming a little more important. Scary writing 23 years of age on screen. Shit. So Dermo 28 is a brand based in Italy which has recently come to the UK. I kindly got sent these products to test out as I suffer with sensitive skin. You all probably hate how much I ramble on about sensitive skin, but it’s something I suffer with. You want to be super careful of what you’re applying to your skin, so when a brand has skincare/products for sensitive skin. It’s always a winner.
Dermo 28 has a few different ranges of products for all different needs. You have pro-age which comes along with prevents photo aging, fine lines, dehydration and any dryness. You also have the nutriage which is for genetic-aging, medium/deep wrinkles and loss of elasticity. Then you have the aqua which is for, dryness and dehydration, oxidative stress and thinking of the skin surface.
However – I will be telling you all about the comfort range. This range is for sensitive skin, any irritation or redness and for allergies and intolerances.

Can we just start on how cute is the packaging? So me. I love it. The white and pink combo is perfect. (So great for photos too.) I got sent the gentle milk, recovery complex and the recovery cream. It’s free from any fragrances, so there’s no scent to the cream what so ever. It soothes any irritation you have on the skin and increases natural defences.
The comfort range includes all ingredients such as :
Calendula Officinalis 
       – it performs an intensive soothing, protective and hydrating action.
Argan Oil 
       – precious oil with antioxidant and soothing properties, it strengthens natural skin defences.
       – they improve cellular cohesion, together with fat acids of argan oil, they enhance natural epidermal defences.
Ruscus Aculeatus and Aesculus Hippocastanum
       – always known for their ability to reinforce the capillary walls.
Extract of Liquorice
       – plant extract with powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-irritative action, it reduces redness and soothes areas with couperose.

Each product I have found a massive benefit within my skin. The products aren’t oily at all and apply beautifully to the skin. I found that the product applies to the skin and dries instantly which is perfect for me as I hate that oily type of feeling on the face. I use these products every other day with the rest of my skincare products. If you suffer with sensitive skin, I’d highly recommend these to you. You can find their website just by clicking here.

Have you tried these before?

What’s your favourite skin care brand?

*Sponsored but all opinions are my own*



    • February 1, 2017 / 8:59 pm

      Glad you enjoyed this read lovely. These products are amazing, totally rate them.

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