Yay it’s Friday. I am so so happy to see it’s finally Friday. Work has been manic, bland and just the same shit just different day. My Dad is home from Mexico this week and I’m so excited to see him! I’m also off to London on Sunday for Lee and I’s anniversary. We have some over the top hotel for the night and I’ve already got a few beauty picks I want to purchase whilst in London. When I go away anywhere, I want all my camera’s ready and I’ll be away with snapping. This is why I thought I’d give you some tips that I find help my engagement on Instagram and here, on my blog.

This is important. If it’s crap weather for the day, just don’t even try shooting photos. Maybe if you have a ring light or soft boxes – you might get away with snapping a few photos. I don’t have either of these, so having a day where it’s sunny and bright is a total bonus on my day. Go around your house and see where seems the brightest. I’m pretty lucky, we have patio floor to ceiling doors which allows sooo much light in. When it comes to shooting in my room for a fashion flatlay – I have white blinds in my room. I pull the blinds so the light is reflecting onto the bed (where I’ll be shooting.) This really helps! Try it.

PINTEREST. PINTEREST. PINTEREST. This social media platform brings me so much inspiration. I love just going through pins and adding them to my boards. If I’m lost on what to do with my photos next or how to do change up my flatlays, I like just browse through my boards. When I’m pinning on Pinterest, I like to only pin what relates to my blog or Instagram.

Props? Yes you need props. You don’t just want to snap things that only focus on just one object/product. Here’s a list of props I use in my photos:
– Books
– Magazines
– Bedding
– Colour Card
– Fluffy Pillows
– Make Up Tools
– Candles
– Crafty Bits & Pieces
You don’t have to spend a fortune on things. I just have coloured card for my backgrounds, which I picked up at Hobby Craft for a couple of quid. I know a lot of people use marble for their backgrounds. You can pick up some Marble Adhesive Film which you can pick up at Wilkinsons for just £5. You can find this here.


I have sooo many editing apps on my phone, but there’s only two I’ve really been focusing on. They are Facetune & Lightroom. I like to use Facetune first to lighten my photos, and lighten up any white. I then move to Lightroom to have a play around with light, colour and the effects. There’s no certain way I use these, I just like to use what’s best. I use to use all the apps like VSCO cam and Snapseed but I’ve changed my photos around so I’ve just put them to one side. You don’t need fancy lighting for taking photos, you just need a little natural light, editing apps and a steady hand!

You don’t need any fancy camera to take good, quality photos. I go between my Iphone 7 and my Nikon camera. It didn’t cost me a lot in money, just over a hundred pounds. Mostly I use my Iphone, it’s good with quality and you can brighten your photos by just holding your finger down on the camera. Having a pricey camera does benefit you, but you also needs good lenses to go along with it. You see so many people talk about different lenses, and I don’t have a clue what they’re even going on about.

So just for a little round-up. You don’t need to spend lots of money on cameras, lenses, photoshop, soft boxes and ring lights. You just need natural day light, your Iphone, some good apps on your phone and a couple of props to add a little something different to your photos. I think if you have the money to go out and buy all of this, then good on you – I would too. 

What’s your biggest tip to new bloggers if they was to ask you?


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