This is something a little different, something to spice it up a little. I am not one of them who feels comfortable in front of the camera where I just blabber on to myself. I mean I’m pretty good at speaking for ‘fricking England’, as everyone likes to remind me. However, I just haven’t got that in me to speak to a camera. Don’t get me wrong, people who do – inspire the shit out of me. I’d love to be able to do it, but I just ain’t got that in me.
So instead of doing in front of the camera, I thought I’d do it on my sassy, sexy blog! <3

This week has been a pretty exciting, happy week to start off with! So why the heck not?! It was obviously last week,  A WEEK AGO ALREADY?! Shit. 2016 went flying by didn’t it? (Happy to see the back of it though.) Not only was it Christmas, but it was my birthday and it was New Years! I had such a fun packed week it was lovely. Although my time off work went super SUPER quick, and I’m sadly at the end of my holiday when it comes to Tuesday. *Crying inside.*

Sunday 25th. Christmas Day was like any others Christmas. It was spent with my family – eating food , playing games and eating some more food. I had my Christmas dinner with my Mum and her partner and then I went over to my brothers to see my Dad. Christmas can be sooo difficult when it comes to having your parents split up. It’s planning where you’re going for Christmas dinner which is the hardest.
*If you’d like to see what I got for Christmas – You can by clicking here.*
Monday 26th. Boxing Day was another Christmas Day in the Nowacki household. My other brother and family came round to my Mums and we had P A R T Y F O O D. I love party food. It was everything to cold Turkey from Christmas Day to sausage rolls, quiche and everything else. We played more games, had cuddles with my gorgeous little nephew and had a good old drink.
Tuesday 27th. MY B I R T H D A Y. Moreeeee presents, moreeee food, morrrre drink. I sound like such a party animal don’t I? Not. I am the total opposite. For my birthday I went for lunch with the family – AGAIN. I had seen my brothers and families for three days straight, and I was fed up of being full up at this point. We had a lovely lunch at Coast to Coast in Whiteley, then Lee and I went to John Lewis in West Quay – Southampton. We picked up something that I’ve wanted for so long which is the MacBook Air for me to pick up my blogging game. For the evening Lee and I went into Gunwharf Quays – Portsmouth. We went for a couple of drinks and had a sharing platter at Chiquitos. (So good, if you go here, get the platter!)

Wednesday 28th, Thursday 29th. Just like any other days, we went shopping to see what deals we could find. We chilled out and just took advantage of the time off we had together. You need a break from food and alcohol sometimes, right?
Friday 30th we went to West Quay Southampton and Lee got lots of bits with his All Saints vouchers and we decided on Friday evening we’d drive up to Liverpool! It was super foggy so it took us ages to get here to Liverpool, which was so much fun in the dark. I felt like I was going away on holiday, it’s always night time you travel to the airport, isn’t it?!
Saturday 31st! New Years Eve! We saw Lee’s family here, up in Liverpool. I love spending time with them as we don’t see them very often. The kids are all pretty young and it’s lovely seeing how more grown up they are , every time. We went to the Liverpool game against Man City, which none of you ladies will be interested in anywayyyy. After that we got back to our sassy apartment and got ourselves ready to go out for a couple of drinks. We had dinner at the apartment which we cooked up ourselves which was divine. We headed over to Turtle Bay for cocktails – 2 for 1! Shaaaaa-mazing.

Sunday 1st. I’ve woken up feeling fresh as a daisy. I’m up and going to cook some cooked breakfast for Lee and I. We’re going to go into Liverpool One and do some shopping as we’re both in the ‘shopping mood’ as Lee explained last night. I’ll have to show you what I get!
Happy New Year my lovely readers! I’m going to leave it here, in case you do get bored. However, if you did enjoy this post PLEASE PLEASE leave a comment below. I’d love to know!

Lots Of Love



    • January 4, 2017 / 6:38 pm

      Thank you lovely, happy new year to you too! <3

    • January 4, 2017 / 6:39 pm

      Thank you lovely, it's fab for drinks and such a lovely atmosphere right?!
      I'll have a read, Happy New Year <3

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