H E L L O B E A U T Y 

How gorgeous is this mascara let alone the whole collection by YSL? 

If there was one mascara I could highly stand by and recommend to you all, then listen up. This is the one. 

The first person that ever introduced me to this brand was my Mother. She always used YSL mascara as well as their skin care products. This mascara works wonders, believe me. The volume it gives to my lashes along with the length. This mascara is the YSL False Lash Effect good for Lengthening. I ain’t no fibber when it comes to being honest – this mascara makes my lashes look incredible. They generally look false. Us ladies always buy false lashes because we want the length,volume and the out there look. This mascara saves you money, time and insecurity of them coming off. It’s intensely pigmented, and creates the perfect curve. Even the brush applicator combines nylon fibers of varying diameters for volume enhancement. This gorgeous mascara comes in six signature shades.

High Density Black

Rich Brown

Extreme Blue

Fascinating Violet


Deep Night

YSL also do a mascara called – Baby Doll which is amazing. The brush is a lot thiner to get into the corners of your eyes and under. I’d recommend this mascara as well if you’re not too keen of a bigger/bolder brush like this one above. 

What’s your favourite Mascara?


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