If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen I have posted a photo or two about the Lush Cosmetics Dream Cream. This cream is for the hands and body, I brought this in the normal and the self-preserving cream?
Don’t know the difference? Me neither – this is why I brought them both. Lol.

So the self-preserving cream keeps itself clean without using synthetic preservations. It still has the same outcome without the self-preserving. (This doesn’t make much sense to me, but we all have our different preferences.) 

So the reason behind this, is that I suffer with eczema. I’ve seen a whole load of people sharing how amazing this cream is, whether they’re bloggers or just my general friends. As soon as I heard, I knew I HAD to purchase.

Since the age of sixteen, I have suffered with eczema. Eczema might just be the fact of having rash looking skin – although to me it’s a whole lot more. Once I get eczema, I get it quite bad. When I first had it, I suffered it in the palm of my hands and my armpits. Armpits? I know, so bloody random. When it was over the summer, I really suffered it within my armpits. It made me so unhappy, it made me feel so uncomfortable. I would really take into consideration of what I could wear as I didn’t want anybody to see. My armpits were red and sore looking and it just wasn’t pretty. When I’d go out for ‘nights out’ – I would have to wear something long sleeved. I was restricted on what I could wear and never end up going out happy. Where I’d suffered with the eczema so bad in my armpits, it truly scarred them. It was so ugly. To get rid of it I managed to use a cream that the doctor prescribed to me, which actually worked. 

This year round, I’ve suffered with it in the cold. (Hopefully I don’t get it in the summer again.) The cold weather that we get this time of year has really effected my skin. Anddd this year,  I’ve got it on the back of my neck! Pretty random again. I never really knew I had it, until I was out one day and Lee (my partner) actually said ‘oh babe isn’t that sore?’ I had so idea what he was on about as I hadn’t noticed how much I had been itching. It looked disgusting. 

This is why I decided to go ahead and purchase the Dream Cream to hopefully help. The prescribed cream (from the doctor) just wasn’t working and wasn’t getting rid of the eczema. 

(This is when the eczema was at it’s best before using the cream. – It was worse than this!!)

And can I just say.. it literally changed within the first evening of sleeping with the cream soaking in. My skin feels amazingly soft. I cannot believe how quickly it’s improved that area, it just cleared up so quickly.
I couldn’t recommend this cream enough, it truly is a dream as it worked fucking wonders. If you suffer with eczema, go out and buy it. If you’ve got damaged skin at all, this also works for it too.

Do you suffer with eczema? 

What do you use to get rid of the bad skin?



    • January 25, 2017 / 7:32 pm

      Ah I'm glad you enjoyed reading this Vanessa. This is amazing for eczema, so much better than what the doctors have tried to prescribe me in the past. Hope this works out for your nephew.

    • January 27, 2017 / 8:09 am

      Oh thank you so much, I'm happy you enjoy reading my lovely. You should so give this a try, it's amazing. The change started when I first applied the cream and sleeping with it soaking in for the night.
      Glad you enjoyed the read xx

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